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Arida Vortex
Wild Beast Show
November 2017
Released: 2016, Soundage
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I was a bit surprised to learn that we here at have never reviewed an Arida Vortex album. They are one of the elite Russian Power Metal bands and they have just issued their 6th album, 7th if you count to English language version of HAIL ROCK. The band has been around just about 20 years as well so it is high time we talked about this excellent band.

WILD BEAST SHOW actually came out in November 2016 but I have been on a bit of a Russian Metal kick so I wanted to review this. This Moscow based band is pretty cool I have a few of their albums. The band name comes from an acronym of the names of the original band members, (Andrey, Roman, Ivan, Denis, Anton) kind of like the Italian Progressive Power Metal band DGM, (Diego, Gianfranco, Maurizio) and a few others. However, as one might predict members come and go from bands so, again like DGM, the ‘ARIDA’ doesn’t make perfect sense anymore, but it is too late to change now!

WILD BEAST SHOW artwork features, what can be presumed to be the ‘illustrated man’ Ray Bradbury-esque character who was introduced on the album of the same name a year prior. Keen-eyed fans will spot the band logo in the picture as well. The theme of the art is some sort of futuristic man v. machine scenario with the character plugged into the cloud and focused on his cellphone.

Arida Vortex play classic European style Power Metal. They remind me slightly of some of the more melodically inclined bands like Tarantula, At Vance and Axxis. The album opens nicely with an instrumental intro with a military tattoo style beat, something that sounds kind of like celtic bagpipes and harpsichord. Then the album takes of for the skies opening with a mighty scream and lots of speed and power. The album shifts comfortably between melodic rockers, speedy double-kick driven songs and head-banging, fist pumping anthems, like ‘Tons Of Metal’. Vocalist Andrey sings in a higher register and leads the battle charge quite comfortably without straining and the choruses are infectious and fun. This falls just short of bouncy ‘happy’ Metal like Freedom Call but is certainly fun and enthusiastic. They are not afraid to let a few solos fly either!

The Russian Metal scene is utterly massive and Arida Vortex is a good gateway band into this exciting (for Westerners anyway) untapped world of amazing Metal, largely because they are accessible and they sing in English. WILD BEAST SHOW is a good place to start your Arida Vortex collection!
Track Listing

1. Escaping from Hell
2. Ghost Rider
3. Dance of the Walking Dead
4. Strangers in Space
5. Tons of Metal
6. Higher
7. Raise Your Head
8. Gambler with the Fortune
9. Wild Beast Show
10. The World Is Ours
11. I Am the Law


Andrey Lobashev Vocals
Pavel Zhdanovich Guitar
Roman Guryev Guitar
Alexander Fedonin Bass
Vadim Sergeyev Drums



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