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Ares Kingdom
Chaosmongers Alive 7” EP
September 2003
Released: 2003, Agonia Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The legendary underground deathmongers from the heart of Kansas City, Order From Chaos and Vulpecula, are no more, but from the ashes of those cult underground acts raises Ares Kingdom, a fine new incarnation of raw, ripping and honest blackish Thrash Metal, created by 4 experienced and gifted metal musicians whose purpose is to play ´metal´ that feels right to them without caring whether they would be accepted by the masses or not.

At first for all those individuals, kind of like a pre-info about Ares Kingdom, who expect to hear something along the lines of either Order From Chaos or Vulpecula, I have this twisted need and desire to disappoint you all slightly by revealing that Ares Kingdom is basically a completely different thing musically as compared to the sheer wicked and unceremoniously raw energy of Order From Chaos or Vulpecula´s slow-paced, haunting and dark Black-Thrash Metal. Ares Kingdom doesn´t remind me of any of those two aforementioned bands that much at all even if I guess it´s still safe to say they fall somewhere between both O.F.C. and Vulpecula as far as some somewhat familiar guitar riffs and shredding and blackish vocals are concerned. And that doesn´t tell too much about their ´thrashing musical rage´, does it?

As the title of this 3-song E.P. implies, the songs have been recorded live at the basement of Chuck Keller´s home (as I assume...) in February 2003. So do not expect any modern, studio polished sound ´coz that's not something you are going to get. CHAOSMONGERS ALIVE is more like an ´in-the-studio´ type of a rehearsal tape, put out as a neat-looking 7” vinyl. However, by having a listen to the three songs they have included for this seven inch E.P., you will surely get a clear enough picture of how they are musically. Both “Lamentations” and “Solis Lacus (also appeared on their 3-song promo-tape 1998!)”, the ´new´ Ares Kingdom tunes – and an old Order From Chaos song, “Of Death and Dying”, are pure the ´80s sounding Black-Thrash outbursts of an original old-school thrashing that bring out clearly Ares Kingdom´s raw, relatively primitive, but still amazingly catchy and killer style to churn out their songs with a great devotion and passion. They still are one of the few bands out there that are pretty much stuck to their original roots in a positive sense, kind of having no intention to widen or modernize or update their sound toward something that obviously isn´t comfortable for them. I especially like the opening song of the E.P. called “Lamentations”. It´s the most structured song out of these 3 songs in my opinion, loaded with some really catchy melody parts that are meant to stick to your mind. “Solis Lacus”, on the other hand, turns out to be the heaviest fucker on the E.P., reminding me a little bit of some of those wickedly insane times when Order from Chaos was still out there making tons of infernal noise. “Of Death and Dying” is surely a nice bonus ´gift´ for all the Order from Chaos-fans; a fast tempo, hard-rocking song that could be compared to the early times of Venom´s WELCOME TO HELL album. To record it specifically for this E.P. was definitely a clever idea in my opinion. However, I just wish they could have recorded all these songs in a real studio in order to serve them to their fans with a clear enough sound. I think it would have helped the songs to turn out even better.

The E.P. is strictly limited to 500 copies only, so if I was in your leather boots, I would hurry up a bit ´coz I bet Agonia Records is running up the whole edition really soon. Also, keep your eye out for the debut album of Ares Kingdom, tentatively titled FIRESTORMS AND CHAOS that most probably will be unleashed sometime during the unholy year of 2004 through German Merciless Records. As first-hand info for all of you, a dream of Armageddon is almost behind your door already...
Track Listing

01. Lamentations
02. Solis Lacus
03. Of Death and Dying


Alex Blume – Vocals
Charles Keller – Guitar
Doug Overbay – Bass
Mike Miller – Drums

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