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Hollow Crown
March 2009
Released: 2009, Century Media
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Bruce Sanchez

At first glance I thought UK's Architects was an indie, hipster band. With album art that has the “sketched in a notebook” quality, and text layout looking like a medieval book, I was relieved when the first track of HOLLOW CROWN began, and the wall of sound hit me.

There’s a lot of detail inside of an Architects song. It makes me want to use a play on words with the band name. You’re never quite sure what direction a song is going to go in. And that’s because of the many different influences and sounds found within HOLLOW CROWN. There are bits of the metalcore thrown in. You know, with the clean chorus after the screaming verse. Then there are the more progressive moments where the band will adopt a jazzier front for a brief transition. It all works well for Architects as the album goes from one sweet track to another. “Dead March” is a lighter number that features a very clean section with a bit of programming with no other instrumentation. It’s the least metal moment of the album, but in context it’s not entirely out of place, or really all that bad. HOLLOW CROWN culminates with the title track and the highlight of the album. Call me a sucker for slower songs, but it really develops their sound further.

At times HOLLOW CROWN is jaw-droppingly heavy, and other times it is chin-tappingly intriguing. Best of all, it is enjoyable throughout.
Track Listing

1. Early Grave
2. Dethroned
3. Numbers Count For Nothing
4. Follow The Water
5. In Elegance
6. We're All Alone
7. Borrowed Time
8. Every Last Breath
9. One Of These Days
10. Dead March
11. Left With A Last Minute
12. Hollow Crown


Sam - Vocals
Ali - Bass
Dan - Drums
Tom - Guitar
Tim - Guitar

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