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Arch Enemy
Dead Eyes See No Future EP
January 2005
Released: 2004, Century Media
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

I don’t think that Arch Enemy needs an introduction, since they have stated their position as one of the best death metal acts in the world with their latest studio album ANTHEMS OF REBELLION in 2003. The album was followed by endless touring and now in await of their new album they’re releasing an EP to still the fans’ craving.

The EP contains about thirty minutes of music from their last album. The tracks are “Dead Eyes See No Future” followed by three live songs taken from a show in Paris called “Burning Angel”, “Heart Of Darkness” and “We Will Rise.” They have also done covers of three tracks which are “Symphony Of Destruction” by Megadeth, “Kill With Power” by Manowar and “Incarnated Solvent Abuse” by Michael Amott’s old band Carcass. There is also an enhanced video of the track “We Will Rise” featured.

All of the production is made by Andy Sneap except for the cover tracks that’s been produced by Richard Bengtsson (lead singer in Last Tribe) at his studio Slaughterhouse in Halmstad during January 2004. All of the songs are mixed by Sneap. There’s nothing much to complain about when it comes to the production part. As always, Sneap knows exactly what to do.

Then we have come to the most important part, how does this sound? I haven’t reviewed the first song because you all can read about that in the CD review the Metal Rules team did for ANTHEMS OF REBELLION. The other three songs are taken from a club/place called Elyseé Montmarte in Paris. The band sounds really tight and they also sound a bit more melodic live compared to the album. Angela Gossow sounds just as angry live as on the album and you can mistake her for being a man when it comes to the vocals. She impresses, as usual. She doesn’t talk so much between the songs, she just dedicates “We Will Rise” to the band’s fans and after that it’s just straight ahead. The band does three stunning live tracks and it doesn’t sound like they have done anything like added or taken away something in the post-production because you can hear that one of the Amott brothers have problems with his guitar at one point. I have witnessed the band live and I can assure you that they are as tight and as well-rehearsed live as they sound on this album and besides that all of them are competent musicians too so what can possibly go wrong then. The album ends with the video for “We Will Rise” which is a simple pure good-looking video. It’s a “real” video and not a shooting of a live gig as so many band does. And even the cover screams that this is Arch Enemy and that is a good sign.

The first cover song is the Megadeth track where they have slowed down the tempo and have managed the song to sound like one of their own songs. I would even like to go as far as to say that this version is better than the original. Gossow and the Amott brothers have the biggest part in the soundscape.

The next cover song is taken from Manowar and here the music is heavy, fast and brutal death metal. The speed has risen and the only slower part is the chorus. I’m not a fan of Manowar but I think that this sounds really good and that’s probably because it’s Arch Enemy who does it and not the original band. The last track out is the cover of the Carcass song. It’s quite complicated death metal with a lot of tempo changes and a lot of double bass pedals. The lead vocals and the riffing guitars are at the top of the mix.

This EP is really a great substitute in wait of the new studio album. The only negative thing is that maybe it’s time for the band to release a live album with Angela behind the mic so that everyone who hasn’t seen the band live have the opportunity to hear what Angela sounds like live. It’s a real experience, believe me.

All of you who like this band ought to go out and by this EP straight away. All of the songs are killer tracks. There isn’t a bad track on the EP and also the cover works really well.
Track Listing

1. Dead Eyes See No Future
2. Burning Angel (live)
3. We Will Rise (live)
4. Heart Of Darkness (live)
5. Symphony Of Destruction
6. Kill With Power
7. Incarnated Solvent Abuse
8. We Will Rise (video)


Angela Gossow – lead vocals
Daniel Erlandsson – drums
Michael Amott – lead guitar
Christopher Amott – lead guitar
Sharlee D’Angelo – bass

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Arch Enemy
Dead Eyes See No Future EP
January 2005
Released: 2004, Century Media
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Gabriel C. Zolman

Musically, there is nothing here you haven’t heard before. If you are a fan, you will already own this—and justifiably so; if you are new to this artist’s latest incarnation, you would do yourself a favor to pick this up. Both the seasoned and the curious should throw this on the pile.

The new track is standard Angela-era Arch Enemy—strong, abrasive, and subversively melodic…triumphant Post-Thrash, played with utmost confidence, and a good deal of abandon. The live tracks are surprisingly worthwhile. The average listener will not believe these tracks are live. Having been witness to more than one of this band’s shows, this particular reviewer can guarantee you that they are. This is in fact, in all ways, the real deal. They really can—and do—pull this stuff off. Any overdubs or clean-up jobs are minimal at best.

For all practical purposes, the true prize here, however, are the trio of cover tunes. The first, an ambition retread of Megadeth’s “Symphony Of Destruction,” is inspired—though the vocals sound as if they were phoned in. The band’s interpretation of Manowar’s “Kill With Power” is considerably more adept, virtually reinventing the original into something far more primal than before. The last endeavor—and the real treat for long-time fans—is the concert staple, “Incarnated Solvent Abuse” by Carcass. This is, of course, only appropriate seeing as Michael Amott played on the original as well. This redux is no better or no worse.

All in all, this alludes to better things. Somewhere out there, past the pit, you can almost hear Jeff Walker gnash his teeth.
Track Listing

1. Dead Eyes See No Future
2. Burning Angel (Live)
3. We Will Rise (Live)
4. Heart of Darkness (Live)
5. Symphony of Destruction (Megadeth Cover)
6. Kill With Power (Manowar Cover)
7. Incarnated Solvent Abuse (Carcass Cover)
**"We Will Rise" music video


Angela Gossow—Vocals
Chris Amott—Lead Guitar
Michael Amott—Rhythm Guitar
Sharlee D’Angelo—Bass
Daniel Erlandsson—Drums

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Arch Enemy
Dead Eyes See No Future EP
February 2005
Released: 2004, Century Media
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: MetalGeorge

I made no secret of my distaste for this formerly great band’s lackluster ANTHEMS OF REBELLION full length, and it’s oh-so obvious ploy at mainstream Ameri-core acceptance. At the same time, however, I did admit that it possessed some solid songs amidst the turds that amassed the bulk of it’s weight. One of those songs happened to be “Dead Eyes See No Future”, which coincidentally enough is the title of the band’s newest ep release.

Containing the album cut of the same name, this half hour long stopgap also contains a number of live tracks and covers. Recorded live in Paris, you get “Burning Angel”, “Heart of Darkness” (from the band’s unstoppable WAGES OF SIN opus), and the ANTHEMS cut “We Will Rise”, of which there also is a video clip. The sound here is admirable, and presents the band in fine form, even if front woman Angela Gossow continues to show that her actual FRONTING skills leave a lot to be desired. I swear, if the woman says the word “fuck” one more time, I’m going to throw myself down a flight of stairs.

Cover-wise it’s a little more hit or miss. “Symphony of Destruction” is way too down tuned and slow to be of any worth or use to anyone; all the energy and catchiness of the original being flushed down the toilet in exchange for a “heavy” sound. Boo…Oh yeah, and Angela’s vocals suck on this one, but you knew that already, right?

The Manowar cover is a different story altogether. Gossow’s performance is decent, though a bit cheesy and forced in the chorus, but musically the band is firing on all cylinders. You can clearly tell that the love of true metal still bleeds within the Amott’s veins, as shown by the blazing lead sections here. Alltogether awesome.

As far as the Carcass cover goes…well if you ask me, it’s kind of redundant to do. I don’t particularly see the value in covering a song you already did with your old band, but as far as replications go, it’s right on the money. A bit more melodic sounding, sure, but this IS Arch Enemy we’re talking about here, right?

While DEAD EYES SEE NO FUTURE is a novel idea, and is an entertaining enough way to spend a half hour, it’s replay value is severely limited. I found myself bored of this one after a couple spins, and I doubt I’ll ever spin it again. That said, I could only recommend this to completists like myself. Otherwise, you’re better off waiting for the next Arch Enemy full length.

Let’s just hope it’s not as bad as ANTHEMS OF REBELLION.
Track Listing

1. Dead Eyes See No Future
2. Burning Angel (live)
3. We Will Rise (live)
4. Heart of Darkness (live)
5. Symphony of Destruction (Megadeth cover)
6. Kill With Power (Manowar cover)
7. Incarnated Solvent Abuse (Carcass cover)


Mike Amott-guitars
Chris Amott-guitars
Daniel Svensson-drums
Sharlee D’Angelo-bass
Angela Gossow-vocals

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