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The Auricular Chronicles (DVD)
March 2008
Released: 2007, Listenable Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

Belgian gore-grinders, Aborted, have gone through a lot in their relatively short existence. Metamorphosizing from a Carcass-worshipping grind band into a more groove-laden vein, the early gross-out splatter of “Nailed Through Her Cunt” and “Gurgling Rotten Feces” has been abandoned for a less shocking, though no less brutal, death metal attack. These thirteen live tracks are taken from a May 2006 live show at Paris’ La Locomotive and feature the band’s no-frills delivery of breakdown-filled, old-school death metal insanity. As a bonus, a short documentary, three music videos and nine songs taken from various live performances are included, as well.

While Cannibal Corpse’s George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher remains the most infallible headbanger in heavy metal, Aborted frontman Sven DeCaluwe surely deserves notoriety as runner-up. Spinning his hair with unbridled speed, DeCaluwe (the only original member of the band) pummels the crowd with his intense, super-energized delivery. “Dead Wreckoning,” “The Saw & The Carnage Done” and “Hecatomb” possess all the ferocity of classic Suffocation with the added groove of Aborted’s new style. Going all the way back to 1999’s THE PURITY OF PERVERSION, “The Sanctification of Fornication” is a raw slab of down-tuned, Carcass-inspired grind that showcases Aborted’s roots while “A Cold Logistic Slaughter” from 2005’s brilliant THE ARCHAIC ABATTOIR is deep-seeded in groove and riff-powered brutality. The mix and master of the final product by Tue Madsen is captured perfectly here, every bass string rumble and kick drum assault nestled in their rightful place alongside the slaughterous leads and gut-churning vocals.

A fifteen-minute documentary, filmed interview-style in English and French, covers the many (and there have been many!) lineup changes as well as the then-recent shakeup to Aborted which saw the entire band jump ship on DeCaluwe. The band’s three promotional videos as well as nine live songs (with no duplication…NICE!) taken from Wacken 2006, Rome and Montreal round out the bonus features.

THE AURICULAR CHRONICLES is a surprisingly complete DVD package that no Aborted fan should be without. It can be found online for around $12 and for all that is included here, it is a no-brainer. Great release from a terribly underrated and under-appreciated band.
Track Listing

1. Dead Wreckoning
2. Meticulous Invagination
3. Gestated Rabidity
4. The Holocaust Incarnate
5. The Inertia
6. The Saw & The Carnage Done
7. Sanguine Verses
8. Threading The Prelude
9. The Gangreenous Epitaph
10. Hecatomb
11. The Sanctification of Fornication
12. Charted Carnal Effigy
13. A Cold Logistic Slaughter


Sven DeCaluwe—Vocals
Sebastien Tuvi—Guitar/Vocals
Matty Dupont—Guitar
Peter Goemare—Bass
Gilles Delacroix—Drums

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