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Arch Enemy
Anthems Of Rebellion
August 2003
Released: Augu, Century Media
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

The band turned upside down on the whole metal community last year when their album WAGES OF SIN with the new singer Angela Gossow was released. Angela from Germany replaced the former singer Johan Liiva. I have never heard a woman impress so much as Angela did on the last album, she has quite a voice you can’t believe it’s a woman who can make the sounds that she does and she sounds excellent. A lot amount of touring followed that album and now it’s time for the follow up album (I can’t understand how they had time to write and record this album when they practically have been on tour the whole time).

It was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Andy Sneap (Machine Head, Testament, Kreator, Nevermore etc). He has done a real good job with the production and the sound picture and especially a good job with Angelas voice who sounds more varied but still just as brutal as on the previous album. Niklas Sundin has made the very brutal cover of the album; it looks just as brutal as Arch Enemy sounds.

The band plays brutal trash/death metal with influences of both classical heavy metal and the Amott brothers contributes with a hint of Thin Lizzys and Iron Maidens twin guitar harmonies. All though that the tempo is quite fast it’s a bit slower compared to the previous album. It’s an incredibly amount of tempo changes throughout the songs and this album is more melodic than the last one. Chris has helped out with some more ordinary vocals on some of the songs and that is a nice contrast to Angelas angry vocals. The band has also got some help from Per Wiberg from Spiritual Beggars on keyboard. He also helped out on “BURNING BRIDGES” and “WAGES OF SIN”.

The album contains 13 tracks with two instrumental and one intro included. I only have the promo so I don’t have any lyrics I only have the titles of the songs so I can’t say so much about the lyrical content on this album.

It all kicks off with a short intro that goes straight into the first song “Silent Wars” brutal, hard death/trash in the intro off the song, with a lot of fast drumming in the beginning. The Amott brothers really show off what they can do on guitar and Angela is high up in the sound picture. It’s a lot of tempo changes in this song and with this track they shows where they are headed – straight, fast forward, and once again they show that no one can beat them in their genre. “We Will Rise”, a slower track with a lot of keyboard through the songs. Incredible guitar riffs by the Amott brothers both solo and rhythm, that goes throughout the whole album. “Dead Eyes See No Future” the speed on everyone is real high, a fast guitar solo before Angela starts to sing, then the tempo slows down a bit but it’s still really heavy. A lot of guitars and Angela on top in the mix. “Instinct” incredibly heavy death/trash metal, not so fast but Angela sounds very mean almost like a witch in this song. Daniel works hard behind his drums like does the whole album through. “Leader Of The Rats” is a somewhat faster song, I think that there are some serious hints of heavy metal mixed with the bands death/trash metal here. Nice guitar harmonies in the middle. A slower part with keyboard and a longer guitar solo follows before the tempo rises as in the beginning of the song. “Exist To Exit” very calm intro with a whispering Angela and some keyboards before the tempo rises the further in the song you comes. Also in this song there are some heavy metal influences in the sound picture. In the end of the song there are some keyboards used again. “Marching On A Dead End Road” the first one of the instrumental tracks. It’s only acoustic guitar straight through the track and nothing more. It’s a very short track and it’s quite soothing for your ears to listen to and you have time to breathe before it’s time for the next brutal track. “Despicable Heroes” ultra fast death/trash, it goes really fast, it’s one of the fastest songs on the album and the whole band keeps an enormous tempo. “End Of The Line” More death/trash heavy, the band has put a lot of weight into this song. Chris has put some ordinary vocals on parts of the track. “Dehumanization” and “Saints and Sinners” not so fast but heavy, death/trash metal with a lot of tempo changes throughout the songs and Chris helps Angela with the lead vocals. To add some strength to the songs they have used keyboard. There is a slow part in the middle of the songs before they go back to the fast heavy death/trash metal from the beginning of the songs. “Anthem” this is the other instrumental track with all of the guys playing.

The first release of the record contains a bonus disc with live songs from the last tour Arch Enemy did and it’s only printed in a limited edition.

Arch Enemy has done it again. They have made a stronger album (if it’s possible?) compared to the last one. It sounds like they have worked harder with the songs and the arrangements. Angela sounds more varied in her voice and they have also stronger guitar harmonies both solo and rhythm by the Amott brothers. The band has now more than ever the chance to put the world under their feet and become one of the bigger metal bands in the world.

All of the songs are real strong but a few of my favourites are “We Will Rise”, “Despicable Heroes”, “End Of The Line” and “Dehumanization”.

The world has already taken part of the new songs during different festivals and the band has also been support act in Scandinavia to the metal legends Iron Maiden. A real European tour starts off at the end of September where the band are supporting their label mates Nevermore and finishes at the start off October. A U.S tour is also scheduled.

The band has done a masterpiece in their genre, it going to be really hard to follow up this incredible album.
Track Listing

1. Tear Down The Walls
2. Silent Wars
3. We Will Rise
4. Dead Eyes See No Future
5. Instinct
6. Leader Of The Rats
7. Exist To Exit
8. Marching On A Dead End Road
9. Despicable Heroes
10. End Of The Line
11. Dehumanization
12. Anthem
13. Saints And Sinners


Michael Amott - Lead Guitar
Daniel Erlandsson - Drums
Angela Gossow - Lead Vocals
Christopher Amott - Lead Guitar
Sharlee D’angelo - Bass

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