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At First Light
July 2013
Released: 2013, Hostile Media
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

On March 11th, 2011 a metal album was released that would re-shape the field of modern metal in the UK for years to come, that album was 'The Edge of the Earth' from the UK's great Sylosis. When I heard this album I said to myself that it would be a very long time before anything approached its genius and its magnitude, however, that veil has finally been broken.

Arceye have come out of nowhere with an effort so good that it destroys the listener upon first play through. The lads from the Midlands (Shrewsbury) are releasing this monster 'At First Light' on August 7th through Hostile Media and I can only recommend a pre-order as soon as possible, this album is not to be missed. Arceye bestow upon us their blend of melodic and heavy thrash metal with a perfect element of beauty which will leave you feeling complete after one listen.

The comparison to Sylosis is very hard to avoid, so I wont. Arceye have, in a way, have produced what should have been the follow up to'The Edge of the Earth', with a crushing album which boasts some excellent production, some fantastic musicianship, and an overall professional, accomplished feel.

This is the start of something for Arceye, something very big. The album kicks off with a very complex intro, especially when it finally kicks in with a sublime guitar sweep; a perfect start. The album proceeds to deliver some outstanding metal, Al's vocals are as penetrating as Josh's (Sylosis) with a deathcore influence under the banner I like to call 'Dark Thrash'.

Dave and Luke's guitar work is spot on throughout, mixing some great harmonies with some crushing riffs and great solos, all of which complemented by Craig on the drums. Such is the variety and diversity of the musical arrangement of this album, all I can say is buy it, very quickly and watch their space for their inevitable touring plans.

One of the standout tracks is 'Sirius', you can call it 'Where the Sky Ends' (Sylosis) meets 'Ending Credits' (Opeth). The song is sublime, beautiful and moving, and most of all a decent length exceeding 6 minutes. 'Brother Disarmed' reignites the fuse of this album shortly after and brings you straight back into the firing line of this sublime display of powerful thrash. Because this kind of music is so over-saturated these days, it is harder to get noticed, and Arceye are not just another band, this is something special, different and brilliant. 'The Thirst' (track 8) really sums the album up in terms of musical endeavor, another epic exceeding 6 minutes and one which will almost rip your face off and throw it to the curb. Indeed, 'At First Light' really does excel as a metal album and will receive high acclaim, so go, go, go, buy, buy, buy!

Thus is just what the UK (And Europe) needs, a fantastic modern thrash album which doesn't rip off Slayer or anyone else, a fantastic effort and one I'll personally enjoy for many moons to come.

Review by Andrew May
Track Listing

1. At First Light
2. The Storm
3. The Longest Drive
4. I Silently Wat
5. Sirius
6. Brother Disarmed
7. Prey Forgiveness
8. The Thirst
9. Dusk


Al Llewellyn - Vocals/Bass
Dave Roberts - Guitar/Vocals
Luke Durston - Guitar/Vocals
Craig Mackay - Drums/Samples

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