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Arcanum Sanctum
Veritas Odium Parit
October 2015
Released: 2012, Buil2Kill records (Italy)
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Veritas Odium Parit is the second album from Russian based band Arcanum Sanctum. Press play and brace yourself, as not one split second is wasted and if like me the volume on your system is set to high, it’ll certainly make you sit up in shock. It’s clear early on that this is no cuddly hug of an album; it’s loud, hard and really slaps you around the face.

One this is for certain, if you were feeling sleepy or lacking in energy, The Explorer will knock that out of you within seconds. It demands and screams to have your attention and accepts nothing less. The thrash influences are very much alive and well throughout, giving you a consistent, steady fast pace that just barrels it’s way towards the finish line; complementing the vocals well. It’s brutal and fast and has a slightly cheeky edge to it with the additional electronic keyboard elements thrown in at intervals and in the guitar melodies.

Even just two songs in there is nothing I don’t like about this album and I’ve not even heard the other tracks, but I doubt I’ll find anything amiss with the first two are anything to go by.

Rain Imprints is completely unexpected and beautiful; overly laying the relaxing sound of rain with melodic guitars and an easy rhythm. After the force of the first two tracks the difference is even more stark and nothing short of relaxing. Though don’t be too lulled into that state as Beware The Dreamer throws you right back into the brutal fold; whilst clinging onto the melodious elements of the previous song, especially towards the end.

The Last Drops Of Sanity starts even better with a grander stadium sound and melodies; a wonderful contradiction between the grandiose guitar melodies and the vocals. It works so well with the title of the track and presents the romantic image of a fall from stability of mind. In Memory Of.. throws another variance to the expected thrash and death metal influences, with around two and a half minutes of piano instruemental. The slow rhythm builds slightly in it’s dramatic effect, layering thin elements as it goes. It’s again relaxing but in a melodic melancholy way which lends well to the image of thinking back to someone lost, whilst giving it that element of hope.

As previously, the contrast between the last song and My Butterfly is harsh and stark, and yet it fits together well. Though the songs are at opposite ends of the spectrum they follow each other well. My Butterfly is no gentle being as the title may have you believe, though again you can hear the light melody that floats in the background around the steady determination of the vocals and drums.

This album is one of those rare beasts that grabs your attention straight away and holds onto it throughout with ease. It's full of well thought out detail and variances and to me is everything that an album should be. Veritas Odium Parit is nothing short of an absolute delight and incapable of disappointing you.
Track Listing

01) The Explorer
02) When Truth and Knife Unite
03) Rain Imprints (Instrumental)
04) Beware The Dreamer
05) The Last Drops Of Sanity
06) From Misery To Purpose
07) In Memory Of... (Instrumental)
08) My Butterfly


Vadim Nalivaiko - guitars, vocals
Roman Rysyev - guitars
Kirill Kulinitchev – bass
Nikolay Kondratyev – drums

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