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Arcana Coelestia
Le Mirage de l'Ideal
January 2010
Released: 2009, ATMF
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Alan Gilkeson

Claiming the moniker 'Funeral Doom', the follow up to UBI SECRETA COLUNT walks the same line as its predecessor, blending dreamy guitar riffs, disparate voices, and a heavy undertone. Some may want to compare these guys with Esoteric's work, though Arcana Coelestia come off a bit more atmospheric, however they lack Esoteric's uncanny ability to create mood and develop it.

Formulaic at best, LE MIRAGE DE L'IDEAL trudges along haplessly, without substance or purpose. If mood is the ultimate goal, then why are we forced to listen to dreary refrains that seem misplaced and floundering? Yes, the style emphasizes the lack of song structure but unfortunately the idea of letting emotion create a path a listener can follow fails miserably here. They don't capture anything emotive at all. It's a hodgepodge of irrelevant sounds, meaningless and unfulfilling, gloomy at best... and even gloomy gets boring after a bit if there's nothing to explore it with. It's all very stagnant and contrived.

The overwhelming critical response to the first release knocked the horrid production and rather short length. This time around we clock in at about 50 minutes and the production still leaves a bit to be desired, all tinny and dingy. Except for some nice female vocals here and there, and a few sickly growls, we're dealing with an album that at its best is boring.
Track Listing

1. Duskfall
2. Requiem (for the fathomless void of redemption)
3. Le Mirage de L'idéal
4. Tragedy & Delirium part I - the tragedy
5. Tragedy & Delirium part II - the delirium
6. …Thus Fade in Nocturnal Deluge


LS - Vocals
MZ - Guitars, Effects

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