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Arca Hadian
The Prophecy
December 2015
Released: 2015, Underground Symphony
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

It’s safe to say that power metal is here to stay. Although it was briefly the “in” genre of metal for only a couple of years, those salad days occurred a good decade or more ago. Despite that, power metal is still going strong with veterans releasing incredible new albums and newcomers still popping up all the time. Which leads me to the subject of this review, Italy’s Arca Hadian, a new band plying their best “Yngwi-Varius” sound on THE PROPHECY, their debut album.

A quick check of the Metal Archives shows that the band members are almost all new to metal, in that none of them have been in bands that have made much of mark, with the exception of drummer Enrico Sidoti who is a long-time member of Sadist. It’s somewhat surprising then, that the melodic power metal contained on THE PROPHECY is of an incredibly high level performance-wise. In particular, guitarist Federico Di Pane stands out with powerful, fluid riffs and solos; he is clearly the force that this band has been built on and it shows. He’s solidly in the Malmsteen school, and sounds perfectly at home on the band’s cover of “Rising Force”. Vocalist Carlo Faraci is also strong, with clarion-clear vocals. Occasionally he nearly crosses into annoying territory with an overly nasal and/or whiny tone, but for the most part he plays the role of thespian front man perfectly.

Musically, this is melodic power metal that fits perfectly amongst the influences I mentioned above. My main complaints are the usual…too many cheesy ballads, and occasionally too-lengthy songs built on riffs that don’t support it. That said, a song like “Lord of Sacrifice” instantly gets the head banging and shows that Arca Hadian is definitely a band to watch. Good stuff and I definitely want to hear more from this talented bunch.
Track Listing

1. Intro
2. Waiting for the Light
3. Killing Dreams
4. Remembering the Savage Fury
5. Lord of Sacrifice
6. Future in My Mind
7. Resistance
8. The Prophecy
9. Words to You
10. A New Beginning
11. Dreamer’s Ride
12. Rising Force


Carlo Faraci: Vocals
Federico Di Pane: Guitar
Patrizio Clerici: Bass
Claudio Ruggieri: Keyboards
Enrico Sidoti: Drums



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