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Archaean Harmony
Nihilistic Mundane Soul
December St
Released: ,
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

...and the realm of black metal gets even weirder. Here we have three evil dudes from Malta (that’s got to be a first!) plying their own particular brand of black metal. However, the 4 songs that make of NMS, are anything but typical black metal, no, they sound nothing like the Darkthrone’s or even Dimmu’s of the world. Instead what we have here is something akin to Dream Theater on speed, playing black metal, prog-style. So yes, there are plenty of keyboards.

It’s obvious that songs like “Venery Dreams” or the title track are definitely cut from a different cloth than most other bands. While it is an interesting concoction to be sure, it’s not necessarily the most enjoyable one.
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