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Winds of Disillusion
March 2014
Released: 2014, Moribund Records
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

When the words bleak metal are thrown into the description of a band it immediately draws up ideas of long drawn out chords and harsh unrelenting distortion. APOSTOLUM’s first album Winds of Disillusion does not live up to any of this. The bleakest thing about this album is having to actually listen to the whole album itself. Far from brimming with a depressing and desolate atmosphere that impresses the listener with a harrowing and personal representation of anguish, the album is an hour of repetitive riffs, repetitive drumming and utter boredom.

The album is like a jigsaw puzzle where most of the pieces refuse to fit together. While it is obvious what the writer was after with this album, a lot of the album is disjointed and flickers between different themes and ideas. There is no real flow, no vibe that draws you back into listening, there are just a lot of potential ideas forced together to create an album that really doesn’t seem to quite know what it is. Many of the songs sound bare, there is a real sense throughout the album that there is something missing in each song, like each part screams for extra noise to fill the gaps.

With a solid 8-year gap between releases, there is no way to blame a rushed album or lack of time. Unfortunately on this occasion the band certainly are caught up in winds of disillusion. There are beginnings of interesting ideas and song progressions throughout the album, and ‘Higher Planes of Existence’ almost reaches interesting with a strong groove that propels the song forward, like many other tracks on this album though, it carries on for an impressive 11 minutes without really making any progress or developing any ideas. Everything about this album is simply too long, too bare and altogether far too boring.
Track Listing

1. Intro (Light Into The Void)
2. Unworthiness And Decay
3. Higher Planes Of Existence
4. Less Than A Step
5. Gleam Of Lucidity
6. Debris of Perception


Stone (Guitars, Bass)
Meba (Vocals)

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