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Catharsis/Raebellion [EP]
March 2011
Released: 2010, TAF Production
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Italian Death metallers Aposthate release a second EP 'Catharsis/Raebellion' after releasing the EP 'First Born Evil' in 2004, with a new line up after losing band members & founder Paolo Bruno, Orias, Sakar.

On my first impression I noticed the bad production of this EP and didn't like the way the first song kicked in, but after listening to the first track 'Betrayed, Victim, Deviated' I began to like it slightly more.

There is no ignoring the brutality of this EP. With the ferocious growls & screams it's impossible for this band not to get your attention. For me, I think I would've preferred the second track 'City Of Bloody Flames' being the opening track as this would've given the EP slightly more structure. Again the production of this EP could have been slightly better, giving the band a better sound quality to their songs but you can clearly make out the impressive riffs being thrown your way but for some reason I wasn't that impressed with the drumming, despite the fast foot-peddling!

Its been 5years since this band have produced anything and I think I was expecting slightly more to be honest, but I'm impressed with the songs despite there only being 3 members in this band now.

The third track 'Catharsis_Raebellion' which is the EP title had a slower intro which I liked, then breaks into an impressive long, slightly demonic growl then throwing you into fast death metal growls which I really liked, but then I lost interest in the song. There is no doubt that the vocals are impressive but there is definitely something missing in this EP for me, maybe more better guitar solo's, better quality sound? The drumming also becomes slightly repetitive, but I do like the death metal vocals.

The fifth track 'Iconoclastic Legion' stood out to me the most, with an intro reminding me of 'Cradle of Filth' & with the song showing some good riffs and ending in the same dark gothic way. The last song 'Plague Around The Cross' seemed to have a different feel to it, slightly more death metal than black and with better drumming and great guitar riffs.

I wasn't sure I was going to like this EP in the beginning but its growing on me after the second listen and I like what the band are doing with their sound.

I think for me its the production that lets this EP down, its good...but nothing spectacular. I had to listen to this EP quite a few times before it started to grow on me, but I ended up liking it the more I heard it and think this is a band who probably sound better live.

I'm sure there are many death metallers who will appreciate this EP and it's something that should be checked out. This is a CD that will compliment any death/black metal collection.

Jo Blackened
Track Listing

1. Betrayed, Victim, Deviated
2. City Of Bloody Flames
3. Catharsis/Raebellion
4. Curses From Backdrop Of Kedron
5. Iconoclastic Legion
6. Plague Around The Cross


P.B Midgard - Vocals - Guitars
Rasex - Drums - Vocals
K.Adept - Bass

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