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Time of Terror
May 2015
Released: 2015, Ferrum
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Apostate claim to be Ukraine's oldest doom metal band having formed in 1993. Their debut demo "Consign to Oblivion" emanated from 1995. The band would go on to do a 1997 EP and then call it a day. Then came 2010 and a reformed band. Apostate released "Trapped in a Sleep" and now in 2015 we have "Time of Terror". That's a long time to be kicking around on the scene so what does a band of 22 years have to offer fans today? Well, they offer doom-filled ideas but perhaps the execution has let them down this time around.

The first track, "Solar Misconception", certainly has the pace of your classic doom metal song. The problem is with the sound. It's raw to the point of sounding homemade. There are spoken word parts that give the listener the idea of what was intended but the music is too murky to have everything click together as intended. "Pale Reflection" follows with the same pace but the vocals are a little more black metal this go 'round. This track has the guitars so loud in the mix that they actually distract from any atmosphere that was intended. Musically, this track is much stronger than the first but it all goes wrong on the sound again. "Pain Served Slow"has more sonic diversity and thus results in being more interesting overall. The loudness isn't as intrusive on this track so it works on some level. "Memory Eclipse" showcases the nicest guitar work to this point. The bad news on this one is the vocals. They are not very dynamic and so the track turns into a 10 minute drone that allows the listener to zone out only to come back asking "what did I just hear?". "World Undying" is another victim of bad sound. A doom start, a next part that plays faster, a nice piece at 10:30 kicking into high gear and a much more natural sound for this band I dare say, and ending with the doom pace.

So where are we left here? Sadly, in spite of all the ideas that the band have....they're in can hear them.....we're left with a noisy, bad production and vocals that aren't dynamic enough. It's all a rather suffocating mix for the mood of the music and that's too bad. We need more input from Ukraine, but we need it to be more on point sonically.

Review By Chris Marsh
Track Listing

1. Solar Misconception
2. Pale Reflection
3. Pain Served Slow
4. Memory Eclipse
5. World Undying


Alexander Kostko – bass
Bohdan Kozub – vocals
Nikita Holovin – drums
Vlad Filimon – guitar
Yuriy Savchuk – guitar

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» Time of Terror
by UK Team

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