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Prime Incursion
May 2015
Released: 2015, Metal Blade
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Apophys is an incredible new band out of the Netherlands. They've been cobbled together by Metal Blade

records from former members of such acts as God Dethroned, Prostitute Disfigurement, Detonation and Toxocara. When listening to this cd, the term "ferocious" instantly springs to mind. The opening track, "Dimensional Odyssey" is a prime example of the ferocity on display here. The pace of the song is frenetic but the chaos is organized into a tight metal package.

A crushing second track, "Miscreants", reminds the listener of a keyboard-free Scar Symmetry on steroids.

On display here are chugging riffs, double bass, and growling vocals. This is some serious metal with a nice hook buried like a hidden gem that is unearthed more and more with every additional listen. Singer Kevin Quilligan barks out his metal commands on track 3, "Requiem for the absurd", while his stablemates whip up a musical frenzy to back him. At this point, it seems like the band can't contain the energy that they've been given for this album.

The first lull in the action comes on track four, "The Antidote"; it's still heavy as hell but it doesn't go to all the same places as the first three tracks. Your head won't stop banging on this one but it may not be the track that you hit the repeat button for on the album. "Ego" is up next. Again the band display varied tempos and the vocal work is much more death metal in style. "The Sentient" rips the cd back into full blown action. The guitar work and double bass combine at full speed to stir this pot of metal to a full boil. "The Final Step" continues the assault with a heavy-as-hell, skull crushing chorus. Soon thereafter comes "Humanity's Epilogue" which is sheer Dutch metal madness featuring blast beats and more death growls. Closing the show is "The Red Planet" which drives through one last double bass, intense throttling.

Metal Blade has itself a true death metal winner!

Review by Chris Marsh
Track Listing

1. Dimensional Odyssey
2. Miscreants
3. Requiem For The Absurd
4. The Antidote
5. Ego
6. The Sentient
7. The Final Step
8. Humanity’s Epilogue
9. The Red Planet


Kevin Quilligan – Vocals
Sanne van Dijk – Guitars
Koen Romeijn – Guitars
Michiel van der Plicht – Drums
Mickeal Schuurman – Bass

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