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Aphonic Threnody
When Death Comes
January 2015
Released: Octo, Doomentia Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Funeral Doom is an emerging sub-genre of Doom Metal I wasn’t aware of until I heard the ghostly sadness of new group Aphonic Threnody and their debut album: WHEN DEATH COMES.

I’ve never been really into Doom Metal or Depressive Suicidal Black Metal, but I do enjoy ghost stories and songs of loss and depression following the passing on of a friend or loved one. And on the first track, aptly titled ‘The Ghost’s Song,’ we find ourselves following a proverbial funeral procession into the dark realms of the unknown that lies on the other side.

‘Death Obsession’ and ‘Dementia’ will do for anyone who likes to read occult literature or 19th century ghost stories, but must have time to sit and listen to the tales of madness and woe Aphonic Threnody must tell, for the shortest track on this album clocks in at 11 minutes, so be aware of the slow and horrible sadness told through the means of doom metal.

Themes of cot death and plagues are evident on ‘The Children’s Sleep’ and ‘Our Way To The Ground’ for this album seems to follow a concept of death and our traditions of burial. As the titles suggest, we see our protagonist passing on and then laid to rest deep underground with all the other lost souls in a manner that can only be put to the most melancholic of music.

If you want a very sad and morose soundtrack to your funeral, this is the album you’ve been looking for. This band is made up of veterans from the Belgian, Italian, Hungarian and British metal communities so it blends the many scenes together to give us the ultimate in slow and painful doom.

Review by Demitri Levantis
Track Listing

1. The Ghost’s Song
2. Death Obsession
3. Dementia
4. The Children’s Sleep
5. Our Way to the Ground


Riccardo V – Guitars, Bass
Roberto M – Vocals
Abel L – Cello
Marco Z – Drums
Kostas P – Keyboards, Piano

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