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Arcane In Thalassa
September 2002
Released: 2002, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Yet again proof-positive that Quebec has the strongest metal scene in Canada and perhaps in the world. A 10-page full colour booklet with full lyrics and lots of nice pictures of the forest greets our eyes and blistering death/thrash (bordering on Black Metal!) greets our ears!

These three youngsters churn out some top-notch music that would leave many veterans hanging their head in shame. Pummeling double bass drums drives the incredibly tight performances, but never descend into mere blast-beats. These guys make more noise than many six-piece bands and the pace is pretty relentless.

This disc was produced at the renowned studio of Pierre Remillard (think, Obliveon) and consequently the production on this 52-minute disc is top notch. Fortunately Remillard is experienced enough to know when to pull the brakes so it is not over-produced, the sound retains an oddly grim blackened production. The songs are all about the five to nine minute mark, which gives them time to throw in some neat ideas and tempo changes.

The guitarist and bassist are both credited with vocals but to be brutally honest, I could not tell which was which. They both a have a higher range screech/hiss style not unlike Dani Filth but without the high-pitched girly screams. There is a sense of frantic urgency in this disc, which I was not really expecting. Maybe it comes from the youthful exuberance or some recently tapped source of aggression. One very minor point, the band photo (three guys in casual clothes, caps, sandals, a sports shirt, standing by the lake on a sunny summer day) well…it takes away from the mystique a little. Maybe next time get a professional photographer or buddy with experience to design out a better scene or set. It looks like a Polaroid someone’s Mom took on the family summer camping trip to the cabin.

Brutal, relentless this is another victory for metal and a disc you can shove in the face of wimps and posers who say metal has died. Aphasia will stand proud next to Quo Vadis, Neuraxis, Martyr, and others in your collection of incredible death and thrash bands from Quebec. Check them out at
Track Listing

1. Devastating Wind
2. Merging Process
3. Passion Of Time
4. Beyond The Infinite Horizon
5. Learning From The Unknown Image
6. Cries From Despair
7. L'Absolu Ment
8. Stormbound (bonus)


Steph-vocals, guitar
Philippe-vocals, bass

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