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Ashes of Angels
December 2009
Released: 2009, Agonia Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Aosoth is a side project act of MkM (mostly known for his involvement with Antaeus, but he´s also involved with so many other projects/bands, too) that he does with Bestial Satanic T (aka Sebastian Tuvi from the genital grinders Aborted). So, this is like an unholy union of 2 extreme and perverted minds? Maybe…

Since I can honestly admit that I have never heard either Antaeus (shame on me) or Aosoth (double shame on me, but hey you gotta remember I am no specialist in black metal either!) before, I had no idea what to expect in advance from Aosoth´s 2nd album (first for the Polish Agonia Records), titled ASHES OF ANGELS.

Grim and raw black metal ain´t something that I listen to on daily basis, but there´s something in Aosoth´s 2nd album of pitch-blackened blasphemous hymns that pull my ears indelibly toward this very disc in question. Well, I know I´m quite a big fan of all kinds of extreme music, so…

ASHES OF ANGELS, with its 10 songs, introduces us a pretty darn unorthodox, raw sounding - and relatively experimental even, 2-man black metal project band that obviously will get many friends among black metal loving maniacs. There´s lots of sheer malignance and twisted darkened power behind Aosoth that just oozes pure hated and evilness - and all that rawness and grimness of black metal that they have sucked in for this release, truly tends to appeal me. In fact, if Aosoth could be an instrument of Satan himself, then it would be a few kiloton nuclear missile as they have got a pretty badass destructive atmosphere stamped all over their songs. Also, considering this is only a 2-man project act, this is actually pretty well done altogether.

Aosoth also does a cover song from Antaeus song “Inner War”, which to me seems a bit pointless because MkM himself plays in Antaeus. Tricky are the ways of some artists, I guess. The song itself sounds cool though.

That´s it.
Track Listing

01. Songs Without Lungs
02. Ashes of Angels
03. Path of Twisted Light
04. Embrace and Enlightment
05. Teaching/Erasing
06. Summon the Dead
07. Cries Out the Heaven
08. Communion Through Pain
09. Banished
10. Inner War*

* Antaeus cover


MkM - Vocals
Bestial Satanic T - All instruments

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