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Ancient Forces
April 2016
Released: 2015, Indie
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Despite many cultural, social and political differences between Russia and the rest of the world, no one can deny that they have embraced Metal without hesitation. Antillia is one of dozens symphonic Power Metal bands that have emerged in the past few years.

This Moscow sextet released their debut album in mid-2015 as an independent act. They look and sound totally professional with crystal clear, loud production and some really attractive cover art. ANCIENT FORCES sounds very much Nightwish that is a massive compliment.

They employ the classic female soprano, male vocal counter-point style that is very effective. Both singers are bombastic and have great range and delivery. They compliment each other very well, sometimes alternating verses, at times signing in tandem on the big choruses. They do sing in their native language, which ads to the mystique and intrigue of the sound, despite my inability to understand the words. The voice of Elena Belova is simply gorgeous, especially when she sings some vocal lines accompanied just by acoustic guitar near the ending of a faster song called ‘The Assault’. The vocals of Alexander are built for the stage and it is perhaps not surprising that both singers were allegedly in a band called Dark Passion Play, another hint at the Nightwish influence.

The music is driving with some good orchestral sweeps, acoustic sections and neo-classical influences. The solos bring the Metal to the party with some nice low-shredding that works well in the songs. ANCIENT FORCES runs for an hour and has 14 songs but there are a bunch if musical, instrumental interludes to add atmosphere to the tunes. An album highlight, the second track ‘Mystery’ runs close to seven minutes but never feels too long. The pace keeps it moving along, ever changing and always dynamic and bombastic at times like a Hollywood soundtrack, especially on the brief title-track.

I’m very impressed with the debut by this young band and I certainly feel that, if they want to, they the potential to join the very small number of Russian bands that have made any sort of impression or impact on the global Metal scene.
Track Listing

1. Last Starfall
2. Mystery
3. Sunrise
4. The Assault
5. Mortal Fight
6. Candles
7. Ancient Forces
8. The Shaman
9. Loneliness
10. At World's End
11. Captivated By Immortality
12. Antillia
13. Universe
14. Epilogue


Elena Belova Vocals
Alexandr Kolesov Vocals
Vladislav Semin Guitar
Valeriy Ostrikov Guitar
Nikita Zlobin Bass
Daniil Gayvoronsky Drums



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