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Sinful Birth
July 2017
Released: June, I Hate Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Sweden's Antichrist have been around since around 2005 or so I am told, and have released another full length entitled "Forbidden World", as well as a couple of demo's and a single that has been included on this album. They can be pretty much described as Thrash Metal, with a rough edge - similar in my mind to early Nuclear Assault's "Game Over" period, with a touch of Slayer thrown into the vocal delivery, and some of the guitar solo's. Vocalist Steken also has the uncanny ability to sound a little like said Slayer singer in both delivery and the odd scream now and then, so this should be very familiar territory for fans of the genre.

So, in delivery this is a reasonably good listen, heading up to pretty good but some of the tracks lack a little punch here and there, in to the territory of gee whiz I have heard all this before, and then they pull out of their collective pockets a gem or two so to speak. "Chernobyl 1986", although basically an instrumental is one well written piece of music. It ebbs and flows around you like a human twisted by a nuclear blast, leaving you in no doubt of the musicianship of said band members, and "Burned Beyond Recognition" would not have been out of place on an early Destruction album musically, the vocals again heading back into Slayer territory for mine, but wow that riff work is just insane.

Highlight for me track three "The Entity". Great start, building into a real neck breaking riff fest. Maybe I have been a little harsh. If you like old school Thrash that sounds a bit familiar and can still pull the odd surprise then by all means get amongst this, just don't expect it to be life changing.

Solid. Nuff said.
Track Listing

1. Instruments of Sadism (Intro)
2. Savage Mutilations
3. The Entity
4. Under the Cross
5. The Black Pharaoh
6. Sinful Birth
7. Burned Beyond Recognition
8. Chernobyl 1986
9. Fall of the Temple of Solomon


Steken - Vocals
Gabbe - Guitar
Filip = Guitar
Sven - Drums
Gobbe - Bass

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