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Anti Aeon
June 2014
Released: 2014, self released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Founded in 2010 in the historical capital of Normandy, Rouen, comes a new French black metal outfit known as ANTI AEON. Built up as a traditional four piece, this nihilistic troupe has just come to release their debut full length record, after delivering a low fi rehearsal room EP in early 2013. Mixing early black metal roots with what the band the band claims to be their “own personality” to create a unique sound, influences from Mayhem, Gorgoroth and Dark Funeral are still highly obvious, for better or for worse!

After the brief and noisy intro track, “Anti-Aircraft Revisionism” is the second track and where things really begin. Chaotic and furious tremolo picked guitars show off how the work of Gorgoroth has rubbed off on the band, whilst showing a fair knack for crafting riffs, much to guitarist Gelgjer’s merits. The production is thin with little bass, and some lower end, compression and reverb would only do the drum sound big favours. The intro off “Death to All” sounds puny with this hollow production sound, which certainly takes away from some of the power and aggression also heard on track six, “Salvation Is Insanity”.

The cliché “Black Metal Assualt” is surprisingly pleasing, and certainly highlights the quality of vocalist Daam Eta Tauri, with his multitude of voices, ranging from a militaristic deep chant, to a high evil rasp. Closing track “furor arma ministrat” is probably the most impressive of the lot, with the catchiest riffs and the most competent drumming, (as Sator’s blasts and fills do come across as amateurish on the other tracks.)

This is far from ground-breaking or a “must hear”, but if you’re on the look out for some new black metal, check out “furor arma ministrat” and maybe add a well presented digipack edition of the CD to your proud collection. Certainly provides eight tracks worthy of your ear.

Review by Jarod Lawley.
Track Listing

1. Thanatos
2. Anti-aircraft Revisionism
3. Agnishuddi
4. Macrocosmic Vagina Gutter
5. Death to All
6. Salvation Is Insanity
7. Black Metal Assault
8. furor arma ministrat


Thorvald -Bass
Sator -Drums
Gelgjer -Guitars
Daamn Eta Tauri -Vocals

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