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Chile On Hell (DVD)
October 2014
Released: 2014, Sony Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

Anthrax were one of my favourite bands back in the late 80’s but they lost me at WHITE NOISE but I got back on track with the reunion and the WORSHIP MUSIC album. This DVD captures the current ‘thrax lineup which is 4/5’s of the classic group on a recent trek south of the equator.

From an Audio/Video aspect the sound is wonderful and has a decent mix. The video on the other hand is a bit dark and not sharp or clear. They use an odd effect that makes the concert look like it’s been copied a few times or wasn’t taped using the latest HD or 4k equipment. It’s not as though the band are just blobs on stage like many old dubbed 80’s bootleg VHS tapes, it’s not that bad. The quality is good but just not up to the clarity we’ve been accustomed to.

The performance is top notch, bar none. The entire band is firing on all cylinders and exploding with energy. Every song is performed to near perfection and very close to the studio albums. They do change a few words here and there in “I’m The Man” while keeping the fun intact. It would have been cool if Joey took to the drums for it like back in the day though. Easy to see after watching the show that they still enjoy playing the songs live after all these years. All of your favourite classic 80’s tracks are performed. Joey’s voice is still killer and Scott, Frank and Charlie are all still among the greatest musicians in Thrash. Their music adds in a small dose of simple three chord blues based Rock and Roll. I think it’s this aspect that gives them the broader public appeal. They have that little something that the average person can identify with.

This DVD is one that you will watch many times. I am disappointed in that the picture is a bit dark and not as clear as we are accustomed to this day in age. Overall it is worth the $$, especially for those of us that have never gotten the opportunity to see them live. Buy it, crank it up and mosh out in your living room.
Track Listing

01. Among The Living
02. Caught In A Mosh
03. I Am The Law
04. Efilnikufesin (N.F.L.)
05. A Skeleton In The Closet
06. March Of The S.O.D. (STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH cover)
07. In The End
08. Deathrider
09. T.N.T. (AC/DC cover)
10. I'm Alive
11. Indians
12. Medusa
13. In My World
14. Got The Time (Joe Jackson cover)
15. Fight 'Em 'Til You Can't


16. I'm The Man / Raining Blood (SLAYER cover)
17. Madhouse
18. Antisocial (TRUST cover)





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