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Metal Chaos Across the World (split-CD)
November 2009
Released: 2009, Area Death Productions
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Both Malaysian Antacid - as well as Colombian Hatred are completely new names to me on the worldwide map of obscure metal to me personally. I can openly admit that my knowledge about metal bands coming those two countries - located in the Southeast Asia and South America, could actually be much better.

METAL CHAOS ACROSS THE WORLD is the title of this split-CD of Antacid and Hatred, released by who else but the Chinese label, Area Death Productions. ADP is really doing a fine job by helping out all of these more obscure bands to get a bit of a name for themselves outside of their own home countries, which is truly something we should all respect and support, too.

Out of these 2 bands featured for this split-CD, let´s take this Antacid from Malaysia under my magnifying glass first. The band basically names dozens of the 80s speed/thrash/heavy metal bands as their main influences - from Maiden to Slayer to Accept to Mutilator, and that´s what Antacid basically is all about musically too; living remains from those 80s times, having this 80s vibe and feeling strongly stuck in their sound. And they sound like what? A mixture of everything really from those times. Some speed, some thrash, some heavy metal, done in a very old fashioned yet very simple way. The guys actually sound like they have just started, and have only been making music together for a very short period of time. Yes, it sounds kinda amateurish - drumming, solos (that are - most of the time, out of tune and place so much that a wide, twisted grin starts crawling on your face, without you even noticing it) and all, but still in a somewhat good way amateur-ish. They make it all sound like they are full of enthusiasm, and trying to show the whole world that ´here we come - get ready to go on your knees in front of us´, or something alike. With a relatively good production even, Antacid´s half of this 2-band split-CD makes it worth checking out because there can be sensed a good amount of a budding potentiality in this 80s sounding Malaysian metal act. Good stuff from Antacid altogether.

As for Hatred then, the term ´amateur-ish´ can be seen in a bit different light regarding their attempts to make this CD worthy package. I mean, these fellows punk-ish speed/heavy metal style turns out to be just pretty bad - and I am not even meaning to be rude by saying this. But seriously, there´s nothing there in the Colombian Hatred´s stuff that could turn my ears back to their direction, loaded with sheer excitement - and that could possibly make me to use their part of the disc for some other purpose than pushing the ´Skip´ button over and over again, till Antacid´s songs start plunging out from the speakers once again. A lousy, terrible production does not help me to change my mind about them either.

Oh man, now I feel myself such an asshole by spitting out my honest and straight opinion about Hatred´s half of the disc. But then again, one just gotta remember that opinions are like assholes; everyone has got one, and some others´ simply stink more than some others of us.

Get this disc only if you have to, and if you want to make sure your almost-so-perfect obscure metal collection doesn't lack this disc. Otherwise, just don´t bother.
Track Listing

(2.5 out 5)

01. Metalstrike Hammer
02. Extermination Gas
03. Infernal Legions
04. Merciless Hunter
05. I´m Possessed
06. Cry in Fear
(1.5 out 5)

01. Satan´s Call
02. War
03. Satanic Rites
04. Whores and Metal
05. Lucifer´s Anger
06. Aradia
07. Hatred


Nightcrawler - Vokill
Rex Killer - Guitar
1-2 Kill - Guitar
Thunderbolt - Bass
Ironspeed - Drums

John Lizcano "Devil Sword" - Vocals & lead guitar
Wolf - Guitar
Edgar Lizcano "Tormentor" - Bass
Ivan Pulido "Betrayer" - Drums

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