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Another Black Day
Another Black Day
January 2009
Released: 2008, Beiler Bros Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Mr. Rock

With their first full length cd, Ft. Lauderdale rockers Another Black Day (the band) have released 11 rather radio friendly, quasi-Nickelback, no frills tunes. Reminding one of Days of the New, ANOTHER BLACK DAY (the album) has its formula, and sticks to it throughout.

“Another Black Day” (the song) starts thing off in fine fashion, though I must admit that I’ve never really understood when a band, album, and song are all called the same thing. Is Another Black Day (the phrase) so good that it warrants this much use? But I guess that’s really besides the point isn’t it? Vocalist Matt Wilkof kind of has that Russell Allen, whiskey style, sticking fairly closely to the mid-ranges. There’s more anger in his vocals than Allen’s, but I think the comparisons are apt.

The acoustic intro to “Wicked Soul” is a nice dynamic, as are some of the quieter moments in the tune. The galloping guitars to “Anymore” pick the pace back up again showing that this would be a cool live song that would really get the crowd going. “Take Back” has some cool guitar in the intro and some cool vocals, though the lyrics are very repetitive. Repetitive. A little repetitive. All throughout the disc, there are some really nice backing vocals which add nice depth, like in the song “Awakened”.

One issue that I do have is that all of the songs sound very similar; a little more diversity might be in order for the band to break into the big leagues. This will no doubt change over time, and seeing as this is the band’s first full-length cd, I’m sure the songwriting will develop outside of the formula. The band is solid in their performances, however now they need a couple of big songs to push them into the next level. The production of the album (it was produced, engineered, and mixed by Matt LaPlant) is solid, showcasing all instruments equally, and the sound itself is pretty good. And though the booklet is professionally done, I’m not crazy about the layout, finding it to be a little cluttered. I know, it’s the music that really matters, but it’s the little things that can make the difference.
Track Listing

1. "Another Black Day" - 3:38
2. "Hallowed" - 4:21
3. "Wicked Soul" - 3:48
4. "Anymore" - 4:10
5. "Take Back" - 3:42
6. "Awakened" - 3:48
7. "Crawling" - 5:04
8. "Stand Up" - 3:21
9. "Idols" - 3:25
10. "Crickets" - 4:06
11. "From The Ashes" - 4:10


Matt Wilkof - vocals / guitar
Ernesto Paez - guitar
Jose M. Robles - bass
Angel Hernandez - drums

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