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Nuctemeron Descent
January 2004
Released: 2003, Osmose
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

Watch out Krisiun!! There is another Southern hemisphere band to contend with who play brutally fast and heavy death metal. Abominator hails from Australia and is one of that country’s heaviest and most intense bands. NUCTEMERON DESCENT is their third full-length release and their first with Osmose.

On the positive side, this CD is brutal from start to finish and doesn’t let up for a minute to let you catch your breath. Chock full of blastbeats courtesy of the suitably named Chris Volcano, impossibly fast riffs from Andrew Undertaker and growling death-style vocals spewed by Max Krieg, Abominator is undeniably heavy. Production on this CD is also excellent. Death metal can veer towards muddy production but NUCTEMERON DESCENT has the bottom end mixed appropriately with the guitars and vocals.

However, this CD failed to hold my attention as one song tends to drift into the next. It seemed like I started the CD and before I knew it, I was on track four and it seemed like nothing had differed from the moment I hit play. I restarted it and blamed my lack of concentration on my undiagnosed Attention-Deficit Disorder, but the same thing happened—THREE TIMES IN A ROW! Not to take anything away from Abominator because they give the listener plenty to bang their head about, but a little break in the action would be nice!

A few things did stand out however. “Necrosexual Thrust” and “Scourge Immortalised” each have a cool riff and “Black Flames of Expulsion” opens with what sounds like a kooky backwards acoustic guitar. Krieg’s vocal on the title track is quite impressive, as well.

Otherwise, the 9 tracks on NUCTEMERON DESCENT tend to bleed together into 45 minutes of monotonous run-of-the-mill death metal that I’ve heard done better 100 times before.

KILLER KUTS: “Necrosexual Thrust,” “Scourge Immortalised,” “Black Flames of Expulsion”
Track Listing

1. Dimensions Of Mammon Enshroud
2. Cascading Carnage
3. Necrosexual Thrust
4. Intoxicated With Satanic Hate
5. Black Flames Of Expulsion
6. Scourge Immortalized
7. Nuctemeron Descent
8. Hymn To Baphomet
9. The Ultimate Ordinance Of Obliteration


Max Krieg—Vocals
Andrew Undertaker—Guitar
Valak Exhumer—Bass
Chris Volcano—Drums

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