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Envers Et Contre Tous
October 2015
Released: 2015, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Quick, name some Canadian bands that have nine or more studio albums. Sure, we can all name the big guns; Anvil, Annihilator, Katakylsm, Voi-vod, and of course the mighty Thor but most of us forget about Anonymus! Anonymus have released their 9th studio album, ENVERS ET CONTRE TOUS. People seem to forget that Anonymus is one of Canada’s longest running, most prolific Metal bands and they deserve way more recognition.

ENVERS ET CONTRE TOUS (which roughly translated means; ‘Against Everything’) is an independent release. In the intervening years since their last album, the line-up has stayed stable, and the band has put out a decent CD with a nice booklet with lyrics and so on. The band used to sing in multiple languages but over the past few albums have retreated to singing strictly in French. As a person who only speaks English, I don’t mind listening to a band sing in another language but I can also see how this may hinder some broader acceptance.

Anonymus have been so consistently crushingly heavy that in my mind they are like Canada’s Slayer. I’m serious! They have that speed, aggression and occasional injection of groove or hook blended so seamlessly that it’s superb. All 10 songs on this 45 minute long album are just relentless. Drummer Carlos Araya puts on a clinic punctuating songs with some nice blast-beats and just keeps all the tracks surging along at an unforgiving and punishing pace. The roaring vocals of Oscar are heavy and normally I don’t gravitate to the gruff, shouted vocals in my thrash Metal but his voice is commanding and dominate without descending into just simply yelling. The riffs are excellent featuring great chunky production inter-spliced with melodic soloing as well. This is not easy listening! This heavy (almost deathlike) style of thrash is hard to perform with many modern bands slipping into the more retro-thrash sound of the 80’s. Anonymus keep it heavier and gruffer than many thrash acts but they still have some very catchy segments and big gang vocals too.

As I mentioned earlier in my opening paragraph, Anonymus are one of the most prolific bands in the history of Canadian Metal. The have more albums than bigger name bands such as Sacrifice, Razor, Gorguts, Cryptopsy, Strapping Young Lad, and have outlasted most of their contemporaries in the Quebec underground, Quo Vadis, Neuraxis, Martyr and Augury. If you have not investigated this tremendous act, now is the time!
Track Listing

1. Tu es mes démons
2. Dieu seul le sait
3. Décrisse
4. Envers et contre tous
5. Nous sommes...
6. Trahison
7. Carambolage
8. De tout pour faire un fou
9. Toujours plus mais toujours moins
10. Chaque seconde compte


Oscar Souto Bass, Vocals
Carlos Araya Drums
Daniel Souto Guitar
Jef Fortin Guitars



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