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Annotations of an Autopsy
Reign of Darkness
April 2010
Released: 2010, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Demonator

It’s fairly safe to assume that anyone with an even slightly elitist bone in their body would abhor Annotations of an Autopsy’s neanderthal assault. This English quintet’s formula is stripped of virtually all frills; trading technique for blunt force as it seeks to pummel the listener into submission with slab after slab of bass-heavy brutal death metal.

And yet, there’s a reason why these lads have been spoken of in many respected quarters as one of their nation's brightest young prospects. Off the back of a promising, but inconsistent debut, you’d have to guess that it’s their flair for live spectacle that has set tongues wagging and indeed it wasn’t so long ago that they practically upstaged Cannibal Corpse on a London stage. But give their sophomore effort a spin and you quickly realize there’s more to the bluster.

With Nuclear Blast as their newly appointed corner-men, the band have been equipped with the tools to both capture their on-stage intensity and relax their creative jaundice. Paying close attention to tracks like “Emptiness” and the epic closer, “Into The Black Slumber”, you’ll notice more than a casual acquaintance with the art of melodic riffing. Employed by most, this would come across as derivative – Annotations of an Autopsy make it sound like the best of Scandinavia on the verge of succumbing to a chokehold.

Still, REIGN OF DARKNESS remains largely about playing to their strengths, and there’s plenty of that on offer here. They bristle with confidence and deliver their death metal with not one single attempt to sugar-coat its simplicity. Frankly they don’t need to, for what they’ve delivered paints a very promising future for British extremity.
Track Listing

1. And So It Begins
2. In Snakes I Bathe
3. Born Dead
4. Bone Crown
5. Emptiness
6. Catastrophic Hybridization
7. VII: The Horror, The Destruction
8. Impale The Sun
9. Portrait of Souls
10. Cryogenica
11. Into The Black Slumber


Steve Regan – Vocals
Jamie Sweeney – Guitar
Sam Dawkins – Guitar
Nath Applegate – Bass
Brad Merry – Drums

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