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Lament The Season (Demo)
November 2001
Released: 2001, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Demos are hard to review. You don’t want to slag a new band and crush their dreams. Hard work and dedication to music and art should be recognized and rewarded. Every band starts somewhere. However you have to be honest and provide constructive criticism to help younger, less experienced bands start out. It’s hard because you know that most of these bands producing demos are broke and working to make ends meet, buy instruments, rent rehearsal space whatever…enough on my theory of reviewing demo let’s talk about Abolisher.

This Chicago, five-piece was nice enough to send me their demo and I’m glad they did because I really enjoy it. The music could be described as a sort of a gothic, doom-death

kick-ass kinda thing….very cool. It has progressive elements that are innovative but don’t stray away from the core of metal. It’s not prog in the sense of Dream Theater with layers of keyboard solos but more progressive with the use of classical music elements. The thing I like about this CD is it does have a unique sound, it sounds like a few other bands that you can’t quite put your finger on which is good because you don’t want to wear your influences on your sleeve.

The musicians are very talented and have some excellent song-writing tricks. Check out the acoustic, flamenco part at the beginning of the 10+ minute song The Solemn Promise, again, very cool, reminded me a little of the way Conception used to fool around with that sound. Vocals are low and slightly gutteral without being inaccessible or inaudible. However, major complaint, they are waaay too far back in the mix. The singer Luis has a cool voice that could be a weapon in their arsenal but it is a secret weapon, hidden, not emphasized…yet. That will be easily overcome with the next demo or an external producer. The rest of the musicians seem very competent and the guitars has a nice melancholy drone or buzz at times only adding excellent atmosphere to already atmospheric song writing. A lot of emotion and fell went into the song-writing, nothing sterile or unimaginative here! The drummer and bassist keep it punchy on the tune Standing in A Different Light, which has a great Entombed death-rock vibe to it.

Now here is the negative part…when a band is trying to establish themselves they need to do something, anything to get noticed. This demo came without anything! No cover, no liner notes, no picture of the band, no info on the band, no lyrics, no nothing! Sure the music is the #1 priority but when you are trying to establish an identity the harsh reality Abolisher needs to provide this material next time. It could be lack of time, money, and one hopes not an oversight or lack of motivation. Fortunately they have a web-site http:// and it says the full packaged version is coming out soon and will be available for sale, so they are on the right track. Maybe I spoke too soon but if I wasn’t on the web, I would have no information about this band.

I really liked this demo overall. I feel with the right producer, a bit of money and a good studio Abolisher have all the elements to make it big time. I could see this band fitting very nicely on the Holy Records label roster or maybe Black Mark records. I’m really hoping they get signed and release a kick-ass full-length. I’d buy it.
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