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Through The Archdemons Head
February 2012
Released: 2011, Dark Descent Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Anguish are a Sweden-based doom metal band who formed in 2007, they released a demo entitled ‘Dawn Of Doom’ in 2010. This is their debut album and is the first time I’ve heard them, but I have to say I like what I’m hearing!

Anguish have a great monolithic doom metal sound, which is clearly influenced by the likes of Candlemass, Pentagram and Black Sabbath, with the slight 'rough and ready' vocal sound of black metal thrown in there for good measure. The music is slow, which is to be expected in all Doom metal styles, with great heavy Guitar riffs which gives the tracks a classic sound to them, making the album feel a lot older than it really is; which I found to be a good thing.

The album does have a depressing feel to it, but still gives a great dark atmosphere throughout. With the album being over an hour long, the tracks average of 6-8minutes long, ending with ‘Morbid Castle’ a slow 12minute track but with more variation in the song and my personal favourite, which finished the album off nicely. Some of the tracks do tend to go on a bit and more variation would have been better, to separate the tracks from each other, but overall it’s a good album.

It is obvious this album won’t be to everyone’s taste, but if you like your classic doom metal sounds, without today’s mainstream influences then this is definitely an album to check out!

Review by: Jo Blackened
Track Listing

01 (Intro) Through The Archdemons Head
02 Book Of Fox
03 When The Ancients Dare To Walk
04 Dawn Of Doom
05 Lair Of The Gods
06 Illusive Damnation
07 The Veil
08 Morbid Castle


J. Dee - Vocals
David - Guitar
Kribbe - Guitar
Ralle - Drums

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