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Temple of Shadows
April 2005
Released: 2005, SPV Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Wow. I’m quite stunned here. I have never really followed Angra’s career, having only heard their pinnacle album HOLY LAND, but I knew that they had lost signature member Andre Matos (vocals) and had done fairly well for themselves with a replacement singer. Aside from HOLY LAND though, I haven’t heard a single note from these guys in the last seven or eight years. Even then, HOLY LAND was an OK album, good quality power metal, but nothing to write home about.

Enter 2005 (even though it was released in Europe in 2004), and Angra’s brand spanking new album, TEMPLE OF SHADOWS. I am blown away. I’m sure not many people, including myself, thought that they had an album like this in them. Quite simply, TEMPLE OF SHADOWS is the defining moment of Angra’s career, and one of the best albums to come out of the power metal genre for many years. While Angra has always been slightly more cerebral than most other power metal acts, TEMPLE OF SHADOWS manages to both heavy up Angra’s sound (check out the speed of “Spread Your Fire”) and fully immerse the band in their native land’s (that’s Brazil by the way) sounds (see the very flamenco-like and bongo-laden “Shadow Hunter”). The combination of metal music with folk influences is certainly nothing new these days, but perhaps because of their background, Angra sound authentic like very few bands can. Top it off with infectious melodies and catchy riffs, and you’ve got yourself a wonderful listening experience.

Though every song on the disc has something special going on, standouts include the one-two punch of the upbeat yet brooding “Waiting Silence” and the following Bruce Dickinson-worshipping “Wishing Well”. If that’s not the best chorus I’ve heard so far this year, it is damn close. However, if it’s pure power metal you’re seeking; look no further than “Temple of Hate” and “Winds of Destination” (with guest vocals by Hansi Kursch!).

My one and only complaint with this album is that it slightly peters out after “Sprouts of Time” with three songs that could have been cut down a bit. They’re still good, but not up to par with the first 10 songs.

Needless to say, power metal fans will down this like the gods’ nectar. However, all fans of metal would do well to at least check this album out, even only as a break from your death and black metal albums. After all, you might as well listen to the best.
Track Listing

1) Deus Le Volt!
2) Spread Your Fire
3) Angels and Demons
4) Waiting Silence
5) Wishing Well
6) Temple of Hate
7) Shadow Hunter
8) No Pain for the Dead
9) Winds of Destination
10) Sprouts of Time
11) Morning Star
12) Late Redemption


Edu Falaschi: Vocals
Kiko Loureiro: Guitars
Rafael Bittencourt: Guitars
Felipe Andreoli: Bass
Aqualis Priester: Drums

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