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November 2001
Released: 2001, Paradoxx Records in Brazil
Rating: 4.2/5
Reviewer: Thiago Martins

Let's get straight to the point. New singer Eduardo Falaschi does a great job and I haven't missed Andre Matos's vocals - sometimes Eduardo's pretty close to him, but the new singer is more aggressive. The new rhythm section (drummer Aquiles Priester and bassist Felipe Andreoli) is much heavier than the previous one, being fast when it's need, but not being boring during the whole album with that plain double-bass-speed stuff, like many other power metal bands.

The album brings the band back to the debut ANGELS CRY style, being more Power Metal, but with some Brazilian influences here and there. The guitars are in the same level of the previous efforts of the band. REBIRTH is concept album that tells backwards a story of the reconstruction of the world after its destruction by religious and biological shits. The intro track called "In Excelsis" is just an opener for the first song of the album, "Nova Era"('New Age', in Portuguese), a fast double-bass style song. The riff starts on strings, followed by a beginning fast solo, reminding me of Gamma Ray. Powerful song.

The rest of the album is based in a great variety. "Millennium Sun" and "Running Alone" are among my favorites, they are powerful but not fast-paced songs, "Heroes of Sand" and "Visions Prelude" are good ballads. In "Unholy Wars", the band shows in the first part some Brazilian popular music (the only time that this influence appears clearly on the album). In the second part, the fast-pace of the song reminds "Carolina IV", from HOLY LAND album. The highlight of the album is the track "Acid Rain" which has great vocals, great chorus, starting with amazing choirs. The songs goes from heavy fast rhythms to slow-emotional parts. One of the best songs Angra ever made.

The production of the album is very good. Dennis Ward did a fine work and helped the band to release their best album to date.
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