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Hunters and Prey
June 2002
Released: 2002, Paradoxx (Bra) / SPV (Europe)
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Thiago Martins

Less than one year after the release of the winner REBIRTH album, Angra is already back with this new EP. Completely different from the previous effort, HUNTERS AND PREY is not a straight power metal album.

The album kicks off with "Live and Learn", composed on the HOLY LAND sessions back in 1995. This song is the fastest and most guitar-driven of the whole album - the only typical power metal track on this EP. Eduardo Falaschi really gives a powerful performance, maybe his best one in Angra to date. "Bleeding Heart" was released as a bonus track in the Japanese version of REBIRTH. It's beautiful ballad like others Angra has done. "Hunters and Prey" is more of a mid-tempo song, with a huge Brazilian influence. I have my problems with this kind of mix, but I gotta say that this one sounds natural and it's very good. "Caça e Caçador" is nothing more than the same song with the lyrics in Portuguese. "Eyes of Christ" is another song from the HOLY LAND sessions. Here Eduardo shows how much he has adapted to the band. What sounds like a song for Andre Matos trademark singing, Eduardo does in his own style with precision, originality and identity. His voice suits perfectly. The edit and acoustic versions for "Rebirth" and "Heroes of Sand", respectively, lack the power that the original ones had and they become the worst part of the CD. The Genesis cover, "Mama", really surprises, turning out to be a highlight, since one more time Eduardo Falaschi proves to be the right choice for Angra. He gets perfectly into the different moods of the song.

The CD also contains some multimedia tracks, such as the promotional video for “Rebirth”, shot during the gig at Via Funchal last year, a screen saver and a great bunch of pics.

Eduardo Falaschi is the standout on HUNTERS AND PREY. Although the whole band does great work and the production is very good, the way that Falaschi puts his own singing style onto the songs is the highlight. This is an EP that gives high hopes for a new Angra full-length.
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