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Anger Mgmt.
Anger Mgmt.
December 2000
Released: 2000, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Out of the world called Identity Crisis comes Anger Mgmt. with their self-titled MCD. I gotta say, A.M. is a pretty cool band, even though they are REALLY confused as to what direction they want their music to go in. The music is a mix of Machine Head muscle metal, rap-metal, and death metal. If it weren't for the rap influences, the CD would work a hell of a lot better.

"Red" opens the CD in heavy fashion with Wolf growling his way over a heavy riff courtesy of Rob and Daniel. I immediately get into the song, do a bit 'o headbanging along to it, and then BAM! Out of nowhere Wolf starts rapping in that pansy-ass Fred Dick kinda way. WTF?!? Thankfully, that little "interlude" doesn't last very long before the song returns to normal. "Rome" is a much better indication of what A.M. is capable of. While the song is slightly derivative of Machine Head, it kicks ass and has a cool syncopated riff. This is the sound that A.M. should develop, IMO.

"From The Wounds is up next, and Wolf makes the mistake of trying to sing in his clean voice. While not too bad, his voice is just too weak to suit the metal coming from his band. The song does switch between clean and growled, but the clean singing ruins it. The band closes the CD with "Mi Vida Loca" which is heavier and cooler than its title might suggest. If Anger Mgmt. develops more original ideas into their sound, while dropping the rap-rock influence, they could be a contender in the future. The band is featured on: and you can contact the band's drummer (Randy) by e-mail at / Phone number: (512) 759-1872
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