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A (3-song demo)
October 2005
Released: 2005, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Ablaze is a band fronted by vocalist Pasi Humppi, a name some of you will recognize from his previous band, Freternia (or perhaps Ironware). Pasi has a distinct voice that stands out in the power metal world and it continues to shine in his new band Ablaze. Joining Passi in the band are ex-Rising Faith guitarist Fredrik Jordanius and ex-Zonata drummer Mikael Cameron Force along with a new face - Lukasz Strach on bass.

The band’s bio calls Ablaze a mix of thrash and death metal with traditional metal melodies. While the riffs and drumming often have a thrash feel, there is thankfully zero death metal on here beyond one or two grunted vocal lines. What Ablaze offer is an aggressive yet still melodic power metal band that is not so far removed from Freternia to scare off fans. The opening track, “Need” begins with a thrash riff and fast thrash drum pattern before making way for the verses where the riffing is more power metal. “The Dying” starts with some technical riffing that sort brings to mind older King Diamond (THEM-era). Similarly to Freternia, the choruses often contains a blending of vocal lines making it sound larger. It’s not overdone in an Iron Savior/Blind Guardian way, but you get the idea. The riffing in “Marionette” contains parts that sound a little too similar to “Need”. With three songs you’d hope that while they are cohesive that they do stand out from one another a little more. The lead playing is also well executed with fluidity, speed and melody suiting the style of the music perfectly.

Ablaze have great potential and I look forward to hearing their full-length. In the meantime, if you are interested in the band, you can check out this demo online at
Track Listing

1. Need
2. The Dying
3. Marionette


Pasi Humppi - vocals
Fredrik Jordanius - guitars
Mikael Cameron Force - drums
Lukasz Strach - bass

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