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Anger Cell
Haven for the Forsaken (EP)
March 2011
Released: 2010, Self-released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Anger Cell do not have a long history as a band (founded in the fall of 2007), but musicians that are involved with this group, have already earned their spurs in some more or less known Finnish metal acts (A.R.G., Thaudorod, Carcase Inc., etc.), so some experience is definitely there.

HAVEN FOR THE FORSAKEN, the band´s 2nd 4-track offering, reveals a band that carries a cross that has ´melodic death metal with clean vocals´ tagged in it with big, red and screaming letters. In some peculiar way, they tend to have similar approach to their sound like many early melodic Swedish death metal bands did have in the early 90´s. Heaviness combined with touching melody is something these fellows have nicely adopted to their sound. A song like “Wake up Screaming” comes nicely crawling on your skin with its beautifully eerie guitars, getting my skin on goose pumps at least. Also, a song like “Trailblazer” gives a reason or two to think of a band like Amon Amarth due to guitars´ heavy tone in this song, added with DC´s excellent vocal grunts that even oddly come pretty close to Johan Hegg´s similar vocal performances in Amon Amarth.

As for the so-called ´constructive criticism part´, they could pay a little bit more attention to those clean vocal parts that they have used in between the songs. For example the clean vocals parts in “Wake up Screaming” don´t really cut the cake the best possible way – and I think the song could live its life much better without them actually.

So, something good as well as something ´not-that-good´ on offer on Anger Cell´s latest demo recording. There´s lots of potentiality in this Finnish group anyway to really make things happening and bigger for them – and I bet all good things may even happen to them eventually if that´s meant to be happening.
Track Listing

01. Warcry
02. Wake up Screaming
03. Trailblazer
04. Absolution Thru Vengeance


DC - Vocals
Jani - Guitar
Wesleyer - Guitar
Samppa - Bass
Jontte - Drums
Lawrence Da Cala - Keys

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