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February 2005
Released: 2004, Nuclear Blast/Sound Pollution
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Angelzoom features the German singer Claudia Uhle, the voice of X-perience. Claudia wanted to try her wings on her own and got in contact with songwriter and producer Berndt Wendlandt from Valicon 15. He was willing to help Claudia explore and thus the project Angelzoom. It looks like Nuclear Blast wants to expand their musical genres and have also taken the band My Early Mustang under their wings.

Claudia comes from a very musical family and her brother is also a part of X-perience. Even her father joined the band on tour on (believe it or not) trumpet. Claudia has been singing in choirs since she was a kid and is also a passionate organ and piano player as well. Her voice is classically trained and besides taking singing lessons, she also gives lessons. The bio describes Angelzooms music with words like ambient, dark, dream, electro, classic and of course pop. The only thing I can agree on is the description of the music being mystic, dark, and classical; otherwise, I this music to sounds just like commercial goth music with lead vocals and strings/keyboards. Claudia sounds monotonous through the whole album and she doesn’t have much vocal capacity and I can’t hear that she’s classically trained at all.

Claudia and Bernd runs through 15 tracks on the album, some of them are covers. Apparently they are covers by Linkin Park and Depeche Mode but I’ve never listened to any of that. The material is not impressive, everything blends together in a strange blur and you can hardly separate songs from one another. The production is not of a high standard either, the music is weak and everything evolves around Claudias tiring voice. Claudias voice lies also too high up in the mix compared to the music and I question the fact that there aren’t any musicians on the album except for the guest appearances by the Finnish Apocalyptica. This album doesn’t impress me at all because of poor material and boring and monotonous vocals. The vocals can’t touch Nightwish’s Tarja. The music blends together and the album also lacks much in the way of guitar playing. To sum up, I can say that nothing much happens on all the 15 tracks. The only word that comes to me is BORING!

Angelzoom may be an exotic member in the NB family, but I’m sure that they are not gonna sell very much of this album. I can only recommend this as music to sleep to, for all of you who like Enya (this is not anything for the real gothic fans), or to quote the BS in the bio “It will please anyone who is searching for something against the hectic times nowadays, the ones who are searching for the soundtrack to their very own mind movies”. I can say that I would not spend my money on this, please avoid this unless you’re into Enya.

Labels: AND
Track Listing

Turn the sky
Back in the moment
Blasphemous rumors
Falling leaves
Guardian angel
Bouncing shadows
Dream in a church
Newborn sun
Into my arms
Christmas dreams
Peace of mind


Claudia Uhle – lead vocals
Bernd Wandlandt – music and production

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