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Angel Wings
The End Of Innocence
August 2017
Released: 2017, Pride And Joy
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Angelwings are the first symphonic Metal band from Gibraltar. Considering the entire British protectorate is only about seven square kilometers I could imagine that they don’t really have a massive Metal scene. In fact, they are one of the only Metal bands from that tiny nation. It is always interesting trivia point to learn of new bands from different nations without strong metal traditions.

Angelwings first started as a Nightwish cover band and over time have expanded into writing and recording original material. They don’t really have much Spanish influence that I can hear, if I had to guess I would have said they were Finnish or something because they have captured the Northern European (and to a lesser extent the Dutch) neo-classical, symphonic, female-fronted sound. They are not too heavily orchestrated but acoustic piano and strings are featured throughout many of the songs. The production is crystal clear, not too much grit on the guitars and everything sounds pretty smooth but still rocking.

THE EDGE OF INNOCENCE is the bands debut and the ten track album runs just under an hour with most songs in the 5-6 minute range so they don’t get too progressive or experimental, the songs maintain a more traditional composition style. One of the main strengths of the band is the voice of singer, Divi Cano. She has a very clear expressive voice and her vibrato reminds me of Doro Pesch, which is a big compliment. She is mixed up front and has an excellent delivery. The lyrics are songs of love and loss with perhaps a bit of a fantasy edge. What the band is doing is not extremely original but they do perform very well and the songs are strong and memorable.

If you enjoy some of the newer bands like Leah, Find Me, Murder Of My Sweet, bands with more of a melodic edge, you will find plenty to enjoy in this surprisingly sophisticated and talented young band.
Track Listing

1. Wonderland
2. Game of Life
3. Forbidden Love
4. Memories
5. Lilith
6. The Fallen
7. Nile Goddess
8. The Edge of Innocence
9. Embracing Fantasy
10. The Legend & the Myth


Divi Cano Vocals
Paul Cano Guitar
Glenn Cano Keyboards
Darren Fa Bass
Mark Brooks Drums



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