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Angel Dust
Enlighten The Darkness
August 2000
Released: 2000, Century Media Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Three years and three albums from this great German metal band! This album outdoes their 1999 CD Bleed with better and heavier songs, superior song-writing and a marked improvement in the vocals of Dirk Thurisch.

After a short intro, the song "Let Me Live" begins the CD with a roar. There is no doubt that this is PURE METAL!!! If this doesn't make your metal heart pump a little faster then you'd better recheck that EKG! Angel Dust can't be tagged as just power metal. They play metal in the Nevermore vein with pummeling double kicks and chugging riffs. The mix and sound of this is done very well. "The One You Are" has a main riff that could of been on Nevermore's Politics of Ecstasy with it's technical diminished sounding guitar runs and ultra cool riffing. "Fly Away" is another of my favorite tracks on here, which doesn't really kick in until after the 1-minute mark. This song provides a mixture of the heavy elements of the band and the more melodic. The mid-paced "Come Into Resistance" has a neat keyboard sound, not overly technical but kind of spacey sounding. For a ballad "Beneath The Silence" is amazing thanks to the strong vocal delivery of Dirk Thurisch, in particular on the song's chorus. To me, this song acts like an intro to the song "Still I'm Bleeding." In this one there are some doubled vocal parts that again are superb. At about the two minute mark the song unexpectedly kicks into high gear...way cool. These two songs break the album in half and act as a reprieve followed by the yet again haunting vocal delivery at the beginning of "I Need You." Next up, "Cross of Hatred", a vicious track and the heaviest on the CD, which hints at Angel Dust's early thrash origins. The triplets on the rhythms here are merciless! For some reason, this song reminds me of something off of Metal Church's masterpiece Blessing In Disguise.

Enlighten The Darkness is near perfect for fans of melodic, power and traditional metal. Excellent vocals, intense drumming, great lead work and dynamics that range from the very heavy to the melodic and emotional. More info on the band can be obtained from their official website at
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