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Angel Divine
Leave the Storm Behind
August 2002
Released: 2002, Independent
Rating: 3.7/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Angel Divine is a new band from Spain, differentiated from most of their country’s other metal bands by singing in English, a smart choice for the band that will probably get them added exposure. The band is a 6-piece with 2 guitarists and a keyboardist complementing the vocalist and rhythm section. If you think this sounds like a lineup perfect for playing European power metal, give yourself a pat on the back, ‘cause that’s exactly what Angel Divine crank out on this disc.

So, what makes Angel Divine stand out from the hordes of other power metal bands? Well, not too much really. The band plays exactly what you’d expect out of modern power metal. The band definitely sound like they’ve attended Power Metal 101, because they’ve got their bases covered. Dueling guitars, lots of speedy double bass drumming, high register vocals, and tons of melody are the order of the day. Nothing new here.

Though the band does play a style heard a million times before, they still deserve high marks for musical excellence. Each song on the disc is flawlessly played without sounding clinical, and the song structures are at least interesting enough to be entertaining. Vocalist David Bada also deserves praise for his work, his voice the centre around which the rest of the band revolves. You can hear his Spanish accent when he sings, but it isn’t a distraction, but rather gives the music a fresh character. On the ballad “Slaves of the Moon” Bada is joined by Marta Araujo who has a beautiful, strong voice. Further duets involving her would be welcome.

Angel Divine are a worthy new addition to the power metal pantheon, and LEAVE THE STORM BEHIND is a perfect compliment to fill out any power metal collection.

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