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Visions of the Seeker
November 2010
Released: 2010, Pure Steel Records
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

I recall writing a review for Iran´s Metal band Angband´s debut album – titled RISING FROM APADANA during autumn 2008, describing it in the following two sentences: ´Angband´s Heavy Metal is introduced as a stripped down version of Iced Earth´s stuff, kind of having less all those important elements that make Iced Earth such an unique band from the pack´, and ´Angband sounds even at their best, like they could have a collection of raw versions from some early Iced Earth songs demoed and put on this record.´

Well, having listened to the band´s latest 2nd album, VISIONS OF THE SEEKER, unfortunately I have to admit that my opinion still stands the same; there´s no real improvement happening regarding the content of the songs on their follow-up album. The band still tries to sound like Iced Earth, but with less potential ideas and skills to stand out – simply trying desperately to ride on the wings of heritage of our American Metal idols, and failing in it pretty bad to be honest.

I mean, some of us consider imitation as one of the best forms of flattery, but it does not work for me. I am confident that the members of Angband try their best to impress all of us with their strongly early Iced Earth-inspired stuff, and gain a solid fan base for themselves by doing so – and why not. Probably they have already achieved lots of overwhelming status in their own home country among metal fans as one of the finest Metal acts the country has on offer at the moment, but to impress more demanding metal fans worldwide, you really should have more to offer than a poor sackful of recycled songs ripped off from one of your very favorite bands.

Sorry Angband. There´s nothing in your poor man´s Iced Earth plagiarism that could possibly send some tiny thrills down my spine.
Track Listing

01. Forgotten Glory
02. Blind Anger
03. Battle for...
04. The Seeker
05. Easy to Believe
06. Forsaken Dreams
07. Truth of Lies
08. Fate & the Fear
09. Astral Hallucinations


Ashkan Yazdani - Vocals
Mahyar Dean - Guitar
M. Halaji - Bass
Ramin Rahimi - Drums

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