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Ancestral Curse
May 2003
Released: 2001, Indie
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

The province of Quebec in Canada has long been known as a global stronghold of death and to a lesser extent black metal. It is my pride as a Canadian to bring you a little update on a quartet of extreme metal bands from Quebec. They are Ancestral Curse, Blinded By Faith, Divinity and Sombre Nostalgie. These bands are all signed to or distributed by Galy Records in Montreal. Visit their web-site at

I don’t know much about these guys but I do like this six-song indie EP. It kicks off with a very symphonic intro called ‘Lost In Eternity’ a launches into five cuts of death thrash.

The disc itself is a budget production with no lyrics, or photos, just a single card. The back cover does have a head-shot of each band member. The production is decent for an home-made job, but the drums need work, the cymbals are way too far back and the toms not powerful enough. A remix would bring the guitar up a little more as they sound a bit murky in the solo sections.

The songs are punchy, good driving tunes that get the ol’ headbanging. The songs are mid-tempo to fast but not always reliant on a double-kick. The break down in pace on the cut ‘The Opus of Those virtuosos’ was quite cool. The structures are quite conventional reminding me of any number of great late 80’s early 90’s thrash bands, maybe hints of Bay-area stuff but with a far harsher vocal treatment.

The vocals of Paquin are raw and guttural but certainly not beyond the realm of comprehension, although I still would have preferred lyrics instead of having to piece it together. Most of the songs he belts out with some fire, not really singing or screaming but a nice in between.

This one might be a bit harder to track down and I’m not even sure they are still active or have a web-site but for enthusiasts and collectors this is a nice little gem. Let’s hope they are still going. Supposedly there will be a full-length debut this year so I will keep you posted!
Track Listing

1. Lost In Eternity
2. Devilish Dimensions
3. The Opus of Those Virtuosos
4. Hypnotic Dream
5. Timeless Way
6. Dark Crusade


Pier-Luc Paquin-Vocals, Guitar
Benoit Paille-Guitar
Alexandre Rousseau-Bass
Patrick Beliveau-Drums



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