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The Dawn
July 2006
Released: 2006, DKS Music OY
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The Finnish fivesome Ancara has been hyped up in the Finnish soil as of late, so I sort of wanted to find out what´s this all fuss around them; basically I have somehow convinced myself have they really been worth hyping for.

The 80´s-tinged straight Hard Rock combined with a strong touch from Heavy Rock´s side is what Ancara does, and they do it with a relatively convincing style even that many of us obviously find pleasing enough for our own listening pleasures. Actually it´s not that big wonder why they sound so mature and ready as the fact goes Ancara has been formed - believe it or not, in 1985 already. Yep, that´s correct. And since THE DAWN is only their debut album, go blaming them on taking things probably ´a bit too slowly´. But don´t all good things tend to come slowly, but determinedly eventually?

This is all good stuff here, but in spite of a somewhat strong musicianship that shines through in Ancara´s ´safe´ sounding Heavy/Hard Rock, it still does not make me to jump around enthusiastically or in sheer ecstasy like a bunny that has just burnt her hairy ass in the campfire last night by accident. Y´know, listening to Ancara´s debut is like getting your most favorite hamburger without that fat, heavily grease-filled and delicious steak that makes your hamburger to taste like, (eh?), your ´very favorite hamburger´(simple!). It´s like it´s there somewhere without being there anyway; leaving your mouth wide open to taste the air around your lips, kind of hoping to reach a faint taste of that delicious piece of meat from somewhere. Got it? Thought so - me either.

The band sounds, for some reason, somehow tired and uninspired on THE DAWN. There´s actually no particular track on their debut that could stand out for its own good and get stuck to your mind indelibly - well, except a cover version from probably the most covered Billy Idol -song, "Rebel Yell", of course! Also, the title track of this album, "The Dawn", has its moments. This song sounds like something off Queenryche´s material; it´s beautiful, it´s sorrowful, it´s fine progressive and gets your attention for sure. But when there´s 8 other tunes on THE DAWN, it needs to be said these aforementioned two particular songs don´t save the record to sink into an eternal oblivion. There´s definitely some sparkingly hope-arousing talent and potential bubbling in Ancara, but it´s just a bit unfortunate thing they haven´t tried hard enough to deliver their goods the way they might possibly be capable of. In the very same breath it could be mentioned the band´s vocalist Sammy Salminen does his own share in the songs well, having a really good voice and all. He´s good, but...

Having seen this band in a live situation a couple of times, they are honestly way more entertaining and fun to watch than to listen to, so it´s sort of unfortunate to realize that badly needed live vibe hasn´t transferred into their songs. But who knows, maybe next time then... (?)
Track Listing

01. Flower Garden
02. Why
03. Under Life
04. Comes Around Goes Around
05. Too Far Gone
06. Black Snow
07. Burn in Hell
08. Come Apart
09. Bound to Roam
10. The Dawn
11. Rebel Yell (*)

(*) = Billy Idol -cover


Sammy Salminen - Vocals
Juha Wahlsten - Guitar
Samuel Hjelt - Guitar
Mika Rajala - Bass
Timo Rajala - Drums

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