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Under A Stone With No Inscription
March 2004
Released: 2004, Wicked World
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Lord of the Wasteland

Right from the get-go, Anata’s new CD, UNDER A STONE WITH NO INSCRIPTION, puts its boot in your ass. This Swedish four-piece blends death, thrash and grind on their third full-length release and first with metal giant Earache Records imprint, Wicked World. The band is amazingly proficient at their instruments and where death metal tends to get muddy, the production allows each instrument to shine through. Brutal drumming and frantic riffs are found throughout. Fredrik Schälin’s vocals are right out of the Steve Tucker “How To Sing Death Metal” textbook and he really holds his own.

“Shackled To Guilt” opens with a great riff, a snappy bass line and some oddly-timed drumming. The instruments almost seem to be out of synch with each other and then…finally, everything comes together. “Entropy Within” contains some rolling drum fills and a quick guitar solo of quality rarely heard on a death record. “Sewerages Of The Mind” features another cool riff and machine gun drumming reminiscent of Krisiun or Morbid Angel. “Dance To The Song Of Apathy” is one of the best song titles I have heard in a while, too.

Anata is technical death metal that remains accessible by not overdoing the more complex passages. Death metal fans should pay particular attention to the drums and guitars here. Sweden is many things to the world of metal, but Anata is their best offering in a while. Cool album cover, too.

KILLER KUTS: “Entropy Within,” “Sewerages Of The Mind”
Track Listing

1. Shackled To Guilt
2. A Problem Yet To Be Solved
3. Entropy Within
4. Dance To The Song Of Apathy
5. Sewerages Of The Mind
6. Built On Sand
7. Under The Debris
8. The Drowning
9. Leaving The Spirit Behind
10. Any Kind Of Magic Or Miracle


Fredrik Schälin—Vocals/Guitar
Henrik Drake—Bass
Andreas Allenmark—Guitar
Conny Pettersson—Drums

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