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Screams and Whispers
August 2002
Released: 1993, Metal Blade
Rating: 4.8/5
Reviewer: Cid

Classic Album Review

Is it the label? Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… It’s Kenn Nardi! Since he took production duties seriously for Anacrusis, the band’s sound evolved and tightened up quite noticeably.

After their Masterpiece MANIC IMPRESSIONS, Anacrusis returns with yet another change behind the drummer’s seat. I must say that I am oblivious as to why this change came to pass, since Chad Smith’s performance and input to the band was invaluable for their last album. But hey, who am I to ask questions when the new drummer’s work fits in perfectly with the rest of the band’s work? Paul Miles comes in to deliver some top notch drumming to maintain the high standard the band had fixed for themselves. Though stylistically different from Smith’s delivery, Mile’s drumming and more precisely his accenting off-beats, seem to work just perfectly for the band’s new album. There’s a lot more experimenting in SCREAMS AND WHISPERS than there ever was in the Anacrusis camp, but this is not entirely a bad thing. Though some songs in the middle of the album drag a bit and seem to be out of place, the sheer power delivered by the songs that do work out is much too great to ignore. I would say that John Emery’s bass playing is perfected in this 4th album. Of course, Kenn Nardi’s production and recording have a big effect in the way everything sounds at the end of the day, but in truth the Emery’s proficiency in the bass can’t go without praise by itself. Again, Nardi’s vocal performance has been improved and this time it is by more than a bit. His entire performance on SCREAMS AND WHISPERS reminds me of moments from Dark Tranquillity’s “Shadow Duet” ’s Light/Darkness dichotomy.

This is yet another fantastic album that many metalheads have had to live without because the band split up shortly after its recording. Not a trace remains of Anacrusis and seeing some of the crap that floods the market these days (metal and otherwise) it is painful and unfair that such a great band’s masterpieces are now out of print and for more than one completely out of reach…

Choice cuts: Sound the alarm (*****), Too Many Prophets (****1/2)
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