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August 2002
Released: 1990, Active Records
Rating: 3.7/5
Reviewer: Cid

Classic Album Review

Anacrusis’ second release REASON is another step up their evolution. Though still a bit raw, this album starts to sound a lot more mature and interesting than SUFFERING HOUR.

Ideas here seem to be much more mature and experimental. The band still showcases some great riffs and guitar work in general, but the real improvement comes through Kenn Nardi. The man in charge of vocal duties here seems to have taken the driver’s seat in the production and writing departments and his presence is felt. The album demands more respect and attention that their previous, but it still seems rather raw and primitive. The drumming is still very much the weak point of the band as it seems that Mike Owen’s drumming is more of a reflection of his own will to play rather than to help create a distinctive sound for the band. There are some interesting features in this album, such as the great “ Child Inside” which breaks what could have turned into monotony. Anacrusis’ style of writing seems to be growing quite a bit in this CD and proof of it is the increasing role the bass is taking. John Emery’s work is pretty much the back bone of the album and the band itself. Nardi’s vocals become a bit more “eccentric” for lack of a better word and it seems as though he is creating something really special that will set him and the band apart from anything they had previously thought of. An evolution indeed.

In all, we get a step closer to a distinctive sound and “feel” (I hate the word groove), and this album heralds the coming of GREAT things.

Choice Cuts: Child inside (****), Quick Doubt (****)
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