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February 2016
Released: 2016, Inverse Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Amoth have returned with their second full release Revenge, an album that looks to expand from the strong base point that the band set with 2011's Crossing Over. With the new album comes a new vocalist with Pekka Montin being shown the door making the way for the introduction of Tomi Kurtti. A new vocalist can breathe life into a band in some cases, paving the way for an alternate direction for a band to pursue and in comparison to Crossing Over, Amoth's sophomore album certainly delivers something quite different.

With Revenge the band have delved into a far more progressive style than what Crossing Over supplied. There are far more influences that seep through which adds an interesting dynamic to the band's sound. It is not as if they have adopted a completely alien format compared to their last album but it does seem apparent that the last five years have been used to further expand their musical horizons and much to the benefit of their product.

The album kicks off with a fine example of the band's diverse . Although being fairly short in duration, 'Die Young' is an effective opener with plenty of alternating styles used to hook you into their twisted and, at times, bewildering world. The song cajoles through several modes of alternating metal styles which breaks into a jazz orientated swing which really sets the tone of what to expect throughout the rest of the album. Although there is so much variety employed there exists a natural fluency to what Amoth have produced. Picture a Labradoodle, if you will. They sound odd and the reasoning behind combining these breeds seems a little nonsensical but they seem to be desirable and there's a natural process to create one, so it works, somewhat. Progressive music and progressive metal especially can be a myriad of nonsensical variations of style that are weaved together so eloquently so you are left there wondering what it is you are actually listening to, and there's the fun. It is extremely creative and you are basically at the whim of the composers.

Amoth do tend to employ a very fundamental guitar led metal style with elements of thrash and classic heavy metal riffs being used to add the bite to their songs. The guitar playing that Tomi Ihanamäki brings is of an excellent standard with a seemingly inexhaustible variety of styles and techniques there to illuminate the album. From the furious and thrashy 'And So They Fueled These Veins With Chaos' to the haunting acoustic track 'For The Moon And Mercury' he provides that spark that is required to ignite an album and to fire the fuse that is attached to the highly volatile brains of the listeners. Each musician executes their roles without any rigidity or friction leading to highly consistent end product. The production and mixing is of a high standard so all in all Amoth have been able to deliver a solid album.

Although there is some difference from their first album, there is still a certain degree of character that has resonated throughout Revenge. They still have an air of a power metal band that has gone on a mystic voyage and it sounds like they are still out there somewhere shredding their way through the great void. The introduction of Tomi Kurtti has been successful as he fits into the ethos of Amoth quite comfortably. There was a five year wait between the two albums so it will be an interesting next few years to see where this band is going.

Track Listing

1. Die Young
2…and So They Fueled These Veins with Chaos
3. Shadow of the Beast
4. Tattered Wings
5. For the Moon and Mercury
6. Till the End
7. Road to Ruins
8. Children of the Night
9. Revenge


Anne Latva-Somppi-Bass
Tomi Ihanamäki-Guitars
Tomi Kurtti-Vocals
Oskari Viljanen-Drums

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