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Evoking the Abomination
June 2001
Released: 2001, Listenable Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

A quote from Beavis & Butthead seems to be in order here: "WOW! This band KICKS AAZZZZZ...!!!" Yep, they definitely do so - and I guess slightly even more if a new wave of brutal Brazilian Death Metal is something for you to go by.

Rangel Arroyo (vocals/guitars), Kleber Varnier (bass) and Fernando Arroyo (drums) are almost veterans of the Brazilian extreme music scene as ABHORRENCE was formed in the beginning of 1997 - and they already recorded their debut demo titled "Ascension", at the same year (which later was also released as a CD format by WILD RAGS in '98!). But it was their 2nd demo, "Triumph in Blasphemy", which was noticed seriously by an American label named EVIL VENGEANCE RECORDS as a worth of a recording contract with the band. And that happened in January 2000 - and again a year later from that when LISTENABLE RECORDS from France noticed a sparkling potential and talent of the band and bought the rights for it for an immediate European release. All that, in a tiny nutshell for all of you...

Musically the ABHORRENCE dudes are definitely sharing the same deadly throne with the brutal Death Metal lovers KRISIUN and REBAELLIUN. There's not too many differences going on in the song structures of ABHORRENCE if you draw a comparison with their fellow country men stated above. And yes, you can also clearly hear that MORBID ANGEL (Trey's leads!), SLAYER (the riffs!) and especially DEICIDE (Rangel's vocals come pretty close to Mr.Benton's guttural growls from time to time indeed!) have paid a visit to the fellows homes more often than just occasionally. They sound almost unnaturally violent, extremely aggressive, evil, frightening (hopefully my terminology serves them well enough, -uh?), etc. - just like you could easily judge them by the song titles with such "hellish(!)" names as "Sacrificial Offerings", "Hellish Annihilation", "Storming Warfare" and "Reborn in Vengeance". You certainly do know what to expect from them just by looking at their infamous song titles, don't ya!?

Sheer, blinding riffs, savage-like drum work by the courtesy of Fernando, filled up with a blistering hate mentality that runs thru the whole album so mercilessly and very effectively - without keyboard harmonies, no female choirs, no "now you can take your short breath" parts; so intense and so fast as any album can get - it's all there ready to paralyze a countless amount of your brain cells for good!!

Even if this is all very safe and familiar stuff, it's done with such an energy and conviction that you can hardly resist the album. What I have heard, their new songs are supposed to go even further into more extreme direction than this tornado already contains. Gotta keep my ears tuned for them in the future, too.
Track Listing

01. Abattoir
02. Evoking the Abomination
03. Sacrificial Offerings
04. Hellish Annihilation
05. Storming Warfare
06. Abhorer Existence
07. Reborn to Vengeance
08. Triumph in Blasphemy


Fernando Arroyo - Drums
Rangel Arroyo - Guitars, vocals
Marcello Marzari - Bass

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