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Among the Mortals
Of Ignorance and Dismissal
April 2011
Released: 2011, Self-released
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The 2-man combo Among the Mortals comes from the northern part of Finland, Oulu; a city that is considered a true metal mecca for some badass and killer Finnish metal bands, among the Finnish metal crowd at least.

OF IGNORANCE AND DISMISSAL, this 11-track effort from this duo, unfortunately does not support much of anything that would make me say this northernmost metal city Oulu produces many great metal acts. Among the Mortals plays melodic and progressive death metal that undoubtedly has its moments. But obviously due to a low recording budget and some sort of rush into the studio to get this album recorded, Among the Mortals tends to sound kind of amateur-ish, uninspired and even sloppy in the end, of which I am not too happy for them either.

Sure thing, we really cannot blame them for not trying to put a decent sounding record together. The guys have had at least a serious attempt to reach something special on this album; something similar to what Chuck Schuldiner did on later Death albums; venturing into the world of progressiveness and not trying to jump on to any bandwagon where you start feeling safest in terms of your personal musical exploration. However, with this record it feels like the band´s musical ideas have been left somewhere halfway, and the guys haven´t just been able to get all their creative juices squeezed into the material on the record. It feels kind of a pity because they do have some potential, but sadly cannot take full advantage of it.

The guttural growls of T. Lousujärvi (that actually kind of remind me of Tomi Koivusaari doing early Amorphis stuff) - added with some black metal type of shrieks and spoken vocal parts, create pretty nice contrast within the songs - and Mr. Lousujärvi´s song writing pencil has been sharp enough to write a few so-called highlight tracks for OF IGNORANCE AND DISMISSAL - like the doomy, atmospheric and relatively catchy tune "Dream Like None" - as well as the 8-minute instrumental song, titled "Pygmalion", which can be said to be a pretty ambitious yet well-crafted song all in all - with a nicely played bass interlude, accompanied by keyboards and a weeping guitar.

Despite a few occasional highlights on this disc, the guys in Among the Mortals should seriously put way more effort into the actual production of the songs, plus find the time to rehearse their songs to that level when nobody could step out any more, and point directly at any of their songs for lack of creativity and catchiness. Unfortunately Among the Mortals are still quite far away to reach those aforementioned goals, but let´s hope that´s about to change with their forthcoming stuff so that they could be able to blow the bank sometime in the future so to speak.
Track Listing

01. Beyond Divinity
02. Weep, You Lifeless
03. Distant Mist
04. A Dream Like None
05. Passion Amid Ruins
06. Hannah
07. Penitence
08. The Latter Day Rebels
09. Ad Noctum
10. Pygmalion
11. The Darkened Path


T. Luosujärvi - Vocals, guitar, bass and keyboards
V. Hanhisuanto - Drums

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