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Amon Amarth
Wrath of the Norsemen (DVD)
December 2006
Released: 2006, Metal Blade
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Madman

When a band has been steadily releasing albums and EP’s for 10 years, it becomes a given that a live offering should be on the way. Not that every band that makes it 10 years should release live albums or DVD’s, there are tons of bands that have made it 10 years or more that shouldn’t even bother releasing studio albums anymore, but I digress. When you’re a bigger metal band, a live DVD or CD is pretty much mandatory by the time you’ve reached your 4th or 5th album. So for 2006 we have Amon Amarth’s deluxe DVD package, WRATH OF THE NORSEMEN. Amon Amarth certainly didn’t hold anything back with this DVD release as there are 3 DVD’s filled to the brim with live material, containing five different live sets that were played during 2004 and 2005.

The main course for the release comes from a 2005 performance in Cologne, Germany. The band playing a huge 21 song set, comprising quite possibly the longest extreme metal show I’ve probably ever heard of, spanning over 2 hours in length. The audio is top notch for sure while the video and camera work are impressive to say the least. Lots of cameras, lots of shots, and while there may be a bit too much of the quick editing going on, it’s incredibly fun to watch. The set list for this show is comprised of many fan favourites and it’s hard to say that your favourite track has been missed. The crowd is definitely into it and many times you can hear them almost as loud as the band.

The material comprising the other two DVD’s are culled from appearances at the Summer Breeze Festival 2005, Metal Blade’s RROOOOOOAAAARRR show in 2005, Wacken Open Air 2004, and the release part for FATE OF NORNS. The other shows are generally a little on the shorter side, at least compared to the main show. They aren’t recorded with as much polish as the main show either but they come off quite well and don’t fall into unbearable bootleg territory. While the set lists are somewhat similar, there are some nice variations here and there. The bonuses are almost as good as the main show in this case and more than a few times I’ve put the 2nd or 3rd DVD in instead of the 1st.

Amon Amarth’s foray into the DVD realm is a good one and it’s one that will not disappoint long time fans of the band as there’s more than enough live material to last you for quite a while, maybe even another 14 years.
Track Listing

Disc 1
Live Music Hall, Cologne, Germany
1. Intro
2. An Ancient Sign Of Coming Storm
3. Pursuit Of Vikings
4. Ride For Vengeance
5. Masters Of War
6. The Last With Pagan Blood
7. Once Sealed In Blood
8. Bastards Of A Lying Breed
9. Fate Of Norns
10. Thousand Years Of Oppression
11. Versus The World
12. North Sea Storm
13. Releasing Surtur's Fire
14. Annihilation Of Hammerfest
15. Friends Of The Suncross
16. Bloodshed
17. Amon Amarth
18. For the Stabwounds In Our Backs
19. Where Silent Gods Stand Guard
20. Bleed For Ancient Gods
21. Victorious March
22. Death In Fire
23. The Vikings Are Coming - Behind the Scenes

Disc 2
Summer Breeze Festival, 2005
1. Intro
2. An Ancient Sign Of Coming Storm
3. Pursuit Of Vikings
4. Releasing Surtur's Fire
5. Masters Of War
6. Fate Of Norns
7. Thousand Years Of Oppression
8. Versus The World
9. Our Backs
10. Victorious March
11. Death In Fire

Metal Blade RRROOOAAARRR, Lka, Stuttgart
12. Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds
13. Dragons Flight Across The Waves
14. God His Son And Holy Whore
15. The Sound Of Eight Hooves
16. Thor Arise
17. Fall Through Ginnungagap
18. Burning Creation
19. And Soon The World Will Cease To Be
20. Valkyries Ride
21. Pursuit Of Vikings
22. The Beheading Of A King
23. Revenge Of The Zombie (SFU-Cover)
24. Death In Fire

Disc 3
Wacken Open Air 2004
1. Where Silent Gods Stand Guard
2. The Sound Of Eight Hooves
3. Avenger
4. Death In Fire
5. Pursuit Of Vikings
6. Bastards Of A Lying Breed
7. Masters Of War
8. Versus The World
9. Bleed For Ancient Gods

FATE OF NORNS Release Show, Rockfabrik, Ludwigsburg
10. For The Stabwounds In Our Backs
11. Versus The World
12. Masters Of War
13. North Sea Storm
14. Thousand Years Of Oppression
15. Bloodshed
16. The Last With Pagan Blood
17. An Ancient Sign of Coming Storm
18. Pursuit Of Vikings
19. Fate Of Norns
20. Once Sealed In Blood
21. Death In Fire
22. The Sound Of Eight Hooves
23. Bleed For Ancient Gods
24. Where Silent Gods Stand Guard
25. Victorious March


Johan Hegg - Vocals
Olavi Mikkonen - Guitars
Johan Söderberg - Guitars
Ted Lundström - Bass
Fredrik Andersson - Drums

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