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Declaration of Perdition
October 2009
Released: 2009, Self-released
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Technical and kinda tricky death metal from Finland. This 5-piece act Abhordium throws a plateful of 5 songs on their debut, self-financed mini-CD titled DECLARATION OF PERDITION.

Abhordium have had quite a remarkable amount of setbacks and bad luck over the past years when trying to keep the whole thing tightly together, and basically keep the band going on (2 guys joining the Finnish army, losing some drum and guitar recording tracks from one unfortunate computer and re-doing all over again – amongst other setbacks). Gladly every tunnel (well, almost) has some light at the end, and so was the case with these young Finnish deathheads, too. A successful European tour with Lividity during the spring this year, and finally getting their debut mini-CD released by the beginning of summer.

Most of the time Abhordium sound like their American brothers ála Suffocation, Nile and such - if you were looking for some comparisons. Even if they obviously have a good intention to reach the same level in catchiness and technical-wise like those 2 highly popular American death metal acts, I honestly think Abhordium´s stumbling block is trying to concentrate too much on these overly technically tricky aspects of their music, instead of trying to put more effort into the actual songs structures of theirs. It all sounds a teeny-weeny bit messy and somehow a bit chaotic even, like trying to get all of their X-mas presents fitted into way too small boxes before they all blow up.

They have got some good ideas there for sure within their fast, sometimes blindingly and crazily blastbeat-infested, technical brutality, but it all still sounds kinda amateur-ish, from the most part of it anyway. I really like the somewhat Nile-inspired song “Scapegoats”, in which the guys of Abhordium have obviously realized well enough that technicality-for-technicality´s sake does not necessarily carry them far in a long run – not that far as they wanted to hope for anyway.

I am gonna keep my eyes out for them anyway. In fact, I am quite confident that they may well surprise positively on their debut full-length album that they are currently working with at the moment. Sincerely all the best for you with the recordings of this particular effort anyway.
Track Listing

01. Sepulchral Prolepisis
02. Thus You Are Nil
03. Cacotopian Breed
04. Scapegoats
05. Back to the Primal Chaos


Kari Laaksonen - Vocals
Jarkko Neuvonen - Guitar
Antti Oksanen - Guitar
Bass - Mikko Hellström
Arttu Aalto - Drums

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by Luxi Lahtinen

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